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NFU Vows to Continue Quest for Accountability on CWB

The NFU is extremely disappointed with the decision of the Supreme Court of Canada not to hear the appeal as to whether the government had acted improperly by abolishing the CWB single desk without holding a farmer plebiscite.

Terry Boehm, president of the National Farmers Union said “Before the Harper majority was elected, Minister Ritz himself told farmers that a farmer vote about any changes to the CWB would take place. Immediately upon being elected, however, the government ignored this promise. It proceeded to destroy the CWB single desk selling agency using the most anti-democratic process in the history of Canadian Parliament.”

Doug Scott, NFU Coordinator for Region 7 (Alberta), said “The undemocratic parliamentary process, the disallowance of amendments or substantial debate through the Agriculture Committee and the summary dismissal of farmer-elected directors was unprecedented.”

“Farmers will not forget this government’s betrayal,” noted Ian Robson, NFU Coordinator for Region 5 (Manitoba). “Unfortunately, despite federal court Judge Campbell’s strong ruling in the first round and the fact that the case was still being appealed before the courts, the Harper government chose to ignore the federal court ruling, and proceeded to ram the legislation through Parliament,” Robson continued.

“This is a dark day for Western Canadian farmers and the marketing agency that worked solely on their behalf,” concluded Boehm. “Farmers will continue to pursue this matter in the courts, through our Class Action suit against the Harper government.”

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Terry Boehm, NFU President Paris T: 011 33 1 44 84 72 50 E:

Glenn Tait, Region 6 NFU Board Member T: 306-892-4342 E:

Doug Scott, Region 7 NFU Board Member T: 780-358-2376 E:

Ian Robson, R5 NFU Board Member T: 204-858-2479 E:

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