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NFU Supports Negotiated Resolution to Strike at CP Rail

Melville, SK.“As farmers we look forward to a speedy resolution to the strike at CP rail,” said Terry Boehm, NFU President. “However, we do support collective bargaining and realize that the right to strike is an important part of the process and it should not be taken away by hasty back-to-work legislation. We are glad that, so far, the government has not interfered, and we hope that the two sides can reach an agreement quickly,” he added.

“Farmers recognize the vital importance of our transportation system. Railway employees, like farmers, need to have decent working conditions and fair compensation so that we can all benefit from the work we do,” said Ed Sagan, NFU Region 6 (Saskatchewan) Coordinator.

“If the strike continues for a significant period grain shipments may be delayed and farmers may incur demurrage charges as ships wait in port,” added Boehm. “However, we would like to point out that with the single desk Canadian Wheat Board’s direct participation in grain transportation, farmers often benefit from despatch payments as a reward for getting grain to port and loaded ahead of schedule, which would not be possible in part without the hard work and dedication of railway employees,” he closed.

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For more information:

Ed Sagan, NFU Region 6 (Saskatchewan) Coordinator: (306) 728-3760 or (306) 728-9050

Terry Boehm, NFU President: (306) 255-2880

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