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NFU-O works hard for Ontario farmers – Why is Tribunal getting in the way?

Guelph, ON — On Wednesday, December 5, the NFU-O received a fourth interim order requesting several hundreds of pages of documentation on its activities over the past three years. The Tribunal has alleged that the NFU-O does not represent farmers in Ontario, which has infuriated the Ontario farm members of the NFU-O. Coral Sproule, an NFU-O member and farmer in Lanark County notes, “The Tribunal is getting distracted by ‘how’ the NFU-O meets that criteria, and that is not part of their mandate, nor is it relevant.” The NFU-O has provided reams of documentation running the gamut of letters to ministers and trade organizations, press releases and presentations to review panels, all of which was done on behalf of and at the mandate of farmers in Ontario.

The Tribunal’s actions seem to indicate that they do not considerthe smalland medium-sized family farmers, ranging from conventional to non-GMO to organic farmers,that the NFU-O represents to be farmers. Regardless of the type of production system, NFU-O members share concerns about the control corporations have over agriculture and advocate for programs and policies which make it easier for farmers to supply food to local eaters. “We have tried to be respectful of the Tribunal and their process, but the latest interim order suggests they have been playing us along and have not been willing to look at the evidence given to them by the NFU-O,” says Ann Slater, Regional Coordinator of the NFU-Oand an Oxford county farmer. She also notes that the Minister hasbeen supportive of the NFU-O’s work, recognizing the important contribution the farmers the NFU-O represents make to the province.


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Ann Slater, NFU-O Regional Coordinator: (519) 349-2448,

Sarah Bakker, NFU-O Regional Office Administrator: 705-738-3993,

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