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NFU Letter to Canada Post

24 June 2011

Mr. Deepak Chopra
President and CEO
Canada Post Corporation

Dear Mr. Chopra

On behalf of The National Farmers Union (NFU), I would like to encourage you to return to the bargaining table with CUPW. The NFU is the only voluntary, direct- membership national farm organization in Canada. Our organization represents thousands of farm families across the country.

NFU policy states that “the provision of postal services is absolutely vital to the viability of many rural communities… The provision of postal services must be regarded as a right and not a privilege.” We think CUPW’s demands are quite reasonable and particularly support the demand seeking “a contract that shares the benefits of modernization with postal workers and the public by improving and expanding public postal service and jobs in communities.”

Through rotating strikes CUPW ensured that Canadians faced only minor disruptions in their postal service during this dispute. But, ever since Canada Post locked out its workers, Canadians have faced major disruptions. These disruptions have now led to back-to-work legislation currently being tabled in Parliament. We urge you to lift the lockout and return to the bargaining table with CUPW, to negotiate an agreement in good faith.

In your press release yesterday, you mentioned “Canada Post is unable to accommodate the union’s demands without jeopardizing its financial viability,” and that “the company simply cannot become a burden on Canadian taxpayers.” The NFU understands that Canada Post is required to be financially self- sufficient as part of its mandate which makes it impossible for the company to become a burden on Canadian taxpayers. We are also aware that Canada Post Corporation has shown to be profitable in the 15 years prior to 2010, and we would like to request that you release the audited financial statements of 2010 so that we can all have a look at the “financial viability” of the CUPW demands.Please keep the best interests of the Canadian people in mind and release the Canada Post 2010 financial statements, return to the bargaining table with CUPW, and put an end to the worker lockout.


Terry Boehm NFU President

CC: Denis Lemelin CUPW National President

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