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NFU endorses MoVE Campaign for Migrant Workers’ Rights

The National Farmers Union (NFU) has endorsed the Mobility, Voice and Equality for Migrant Workers (MoVE) Campaign organized by the Coalition for Migrant Workers Rights – Canada. The NFU joins in the call for regulatory changes so that migrant workers can more easily move between jobs, thereby improving working and living conditions for Canadian born and migrant workers. The campaign is also seeking a transition from tied work permits to open work permits, the removal of time limits on work permits and restrictions on Labour Market Impact Assessments (LMIA) including a 4-year time-limit on workers ability to stay and permanent resident immigration status upon arrival for migrant workers.

“The NFU has a long-standing position in support of migrant farm workers, many of whom are farmers who have been forced off the land in their home countries,” said Reg Phelan, NFU Region 1 (Maritimes) Board member. “The way Canada currently stops migrant workers from changing jobs increases their vulnerability to discrimination, including lower pay and unsafe working conditions.”

“Today, if a migrant worker is fired as a result of standing up for their rights, he or she can be deported,” said Ayla Fenton, NFU Youth President. “Allowing migrant workers to change jobs, and offering them permanent resident status immediately will improve the quality of jobs, and improve fairness for ethical employers who do not cut corners.”

“The NFU is a founding member of La Via Campesina, the global movement that brings together organizations representing small- and medium-scale farmers, peasants, agricultural workers, rural women, and indigenous communities,” added Phelan. “Our support for the MoVE Campaign is an expression of solidarity with farmers and farm workers around the world.”

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For more information:

Alya Fenton, NFU Youth President: 613-539-3341
Reg Phelan, NFU Region 1 (Maritimes) Board member: 902-961-2428 or 902-218-1545