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Letter to Minister Bibeau – Urgent Need for Agri-Recovery

Dear Minister Bibeau,

RE: Urgent need for Agri-Recovery
CC Minister Popham, BC Minister of Agriculture

We are writing to you in follow-up to our January 10, 2022 letter to British Columbia’s Minister Popham, on which you were copied, urgently requesting help for BC’s ranchers. We understand that the province triggers Agri-Recovery, and then there is a process of negotiation to finalize program details. 

We would like to reiterate that BC ranchers are in desperate need — farmers and ranchers are still waiting for promised support, and the need for help is beyond urgent. They need to be assured that money they have spent and must spend to save them from further consequences of the November flooding disaster will be covered by Agri-Recovery payments. Interim emergency funding is also needed for those who have exhausted their short-term credit resources and have urgent cash flow needs. 

Without Agri-Recovery, we stand to see many BC ranchers suffer immense financial losses that will be difficult, if not impossible to recoup. Many will be forced to watch helplessly as the fruits of their life’s work on the land is washed away because vital work could not be done in time to restabilize flood-affected lands, or as the unique genetics of their locally-adapted breeding stock is lost to slaughter because it was impossible to transport or pay for adequate feed. 

The farmers who are waiting for Agri-Recovery are the future of food security in BC. They are depending on you and Minister Popham so they can rebuild and continue in producing foods for Canadians before it is too late. 

When can BC farmers expect help from Agri-Recovery? 


Laura Fash
NFU National Board Member, Region 8 (BC)
Katie Ward
President, National Farmers Union