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Letter to Premier Wynne re Experimental Lakes Area

Dear Premier Wynne,

Re: Experimental Lakes Area

The National Farmers Union would like to thank you and Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger for your commitment to fund the Experimental Lakes Area for the coming year, thus ensuring that its irreplaceable work can continue. Your decision will be remembered by all who understand the importance of independent, public interest research and the value of the public institutions that ensure long-term, curiosity-based science can be done.

Today, with the convergence of so many critical questions regarding water, climate, toxicity, and biodiversity, we need to ensure we have the capacity to investigate and understand them. Good public policy requires a sound foundation of knowledge. By stepping in to save the Experimental Lakes Area, you have done a service to all of Canada, and indeed the whole world.


(original signed by:)

Terry Boehm, President

National Farmers Union
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