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International Conference of LVC voices opposition to CETA and other trade deals

(Jakarta, Indonesia): Farmers from Canada and European Union countries participated in the 6th International Conference of the Via Campesina (LVC) in Jakarta, Indonesia where they discussed the ongoing trade negotiations between their governments.

"Like us, European family farmers can't see any benefits coming from the Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA) but instead a lot of harm," says Nettie Wiebe, a Saskatchewan farmer and former National Farmers Union president. "The assault on farmers' rights to use their own seeds, the threats to supply management sectors in Canada and the overall further direction of these negotiations which give yet more control over the production and safety of our food to transnational corporations is the wrong direction."

"While some European Corporations are pushing for fewer trade restrictions, further undermining family farming, farmers, along with most citizens, don't want our food and agriculture regulations to become weaker. We're absolutely not going to accept hormone-treated beef or GMO crops from Canada or anywhere else!" exclaimed Javier Sanchez, a Spanish farmer representing the Via Campesina European Coordination.

While the discussion focused on CETA, delegates from the U.S. and India expressed their opposition to trade agreements that their governments are trying to negotiate with the EU which will undermine domestic dairy production and create yet more hardship for family farmers.

The Via Campesina 6th Conference, attended by peasant, farm, farm workers and indigenous leaders from 70 countries, representing more than 20 million rural people, concluded on June 12th.

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For more information:

Nettie Wiebe, NFU Delegate to LVC 6th Conference: (306) 493-2569

Terry Boehm, NFU President: (306) 255-2880 or (306) 257-3689


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