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Four N.B. Farms featured in Depth of Field: Films About Farming

New Brunswick, Canada — The Maritimes region in New Brunswick, Canada, is known for its breathtaking landscapes, and now, it’s gaining recognition for a different kind of beauty–the beauty of sustainable agriculture. Four exceptional farms – Corn Hill Nursery, Toasa Cooperative, La coopérative ferme terre partagée, and Ferme Marcel Goguen – will be showcased in the captivating short documentary series, Depth of Field: Films About Farming

The series Depth of Field: Films About Farming will take viewers on a journey through these farms, highlighting their sustainable practices, challenges, and the positive impact they have on the environment and local communities. These films offer a glimpse into the world of sustainable agriculture and celebrate the beauty of farming in the Maritimes.

Learning the history of the province through these farms was a fascinating experience. Having the perspectives of farmers from multigenerational farms, co-operative structures and even a nursery will show the viewer the depth and breadth of farming in New Brunswick,” said Sarah Douglas and Tamer Soliman, March Forth Creative, filmmakers of Depth of Field: Films About Farming.

Corn Hill Nursery

Corn Hill Nursery is family owned and operated for more than 40 years. They grow and sell a complete range of hardy plant material suitable for northern gardens. Serving both wholesale and retail customers, they are one of the largest production nurseries in Atlantic Canada, located in the gently rolling hills of Kings County, New Brunswick.

Toasa Cooperative

The Toasa Cooperative is a worker-owned cooperative market garden incorporated in 2021 that works to create a local, sustainable food system and to build community.

La coopérative ferme terre partagée

La coopérative ferme terre partagée is a workers’ cooperative in Rogersville, New Brunswick. Founded by four members in 2018, it produces organic vegetables and practices peasant farming. Its products are sold almost entirely through organic baskets known as “community supported agriculture” baskets, and local markets. Its members see farming as a political gesture that enables them to participate in an international agroecology movement and aims for community food sovereignty.

Ferme Marcel Goguen

Ferme Marcel Goguen Farm is a diversified operation featuring 6 acres of apple trees and 4 acres of mixed vegetables, along with small livestock including hens, ducks, geese, pigs and a horse. It is a family farm started up by Joseph Goguen in 1778, around the arrival of the first Acadians to the region. Seven generations later, Marcel and Bernadette Goguen took over operation of the farm in 1987.

Stay tuned as we launch each short film over the coming months. Films will be released online and shown via local screenings by community members and other farm organizations during the winter of 2024.

To organize a local screening – use the free Community Screening Guide available at, or email Nasseem at to inquire.

Depth of Field: Films About Farming

Depth of Field is a series of short documentaries produced and presented by the National Farmers Union and March Forth Creative. The films will showcase Canadian farmers and farm workers, and their sustainable farming practices on and off the land. Rotational grazing, seed saving, building healthy soils, and working for social justice–different farmers highlight their own priorities and, together, these films tell the story of farming practices that would create the local food system we all want. The National Farmers Union hopes to reach millions of Canadian food consumers to let them know that, to have a thriving localized food system, one thing they can do is start buying directly from their local farmers–like the ones featured in Depth of Field

National Farmers Union

The National Farmers Union is a farmer-led, democratically-directed farm organization representing Canadian farmers and farm workers, and advocating on issues of importance to us. NFU members believe that the problems facing farmers are common problems, and that farmers producing diverse products must work together to advance effective solutions. The NFU works toward economic, social, and environmental policies that promote economically- and environmentally-sustainable farms and strong farming communities.

National Farmers Union – New Brunswick

The National Farmers Union in New Brunswick is one of two accredited general farm organizations in the province. The organization represents and fights for farms of all sizes and commodities. 

March Forth Creative 

March Forth Creative is a renowned producer of award-winning documentaries that explore meaningful and timely topics. Their films have been screened across Canada through multiple municipalities and non-profit organizations, and internationally through distribution companies.

We thank our project partners March Forth Creative, Young Agrarians, Régénération Canada, National Farmers Union-New Brunswick, National Farmers Union-Ontario, Organic Alberta, Sustain Ontario, National Farmers Foundation, Canadian Organic Growers, Farmers’ Markets Ontario, SaskOrganics, Small Scale Meat Producers Association.

We are grateful that funding for this project has been provided by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada through the AgriCommunication Program.


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Gillian Cormier, National Farmers Union New Brunswick Communications Manager, (506) 333-6704,

Nasseem Hakimian, Communications and Project Manager, NFU:, (647) 624-6278

Tamer Soliman and Sarah Douglas, Filmmakers, March Forth Creative,   (613) 794-0314

Farmer-Media Ambassadors:

Kevin Arseneau from La coopérative ferme terre partagée – (506) 251-8246


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