40th Convention (2009)

The 40th Annual NFU Convention took place November 26-28, 2009 in Ottawa, Ontario.

At this convention, farmers and allies gathered to articulate the threats to farming’s livelihoods and the sustainability of farming in Canada and around the world. We discussed the role of farmers in the global food system and alternatives to neoliberal commodification of the food system, and how farmers can lead the way to these alternatives.

Pat Mooney: Farmers hold the key to survival in uncertain times

Terry Boehm: Farmers’ strength lies in organization

Walden Bello: Democratic alternatives to corporate globalism

Larry Hill: WTO agreement in its current form will hurt farmers financially

Jean Leahy: NFU women led the push for progressive social legislation

Evelyn Potter, NFU Founding Women’s President: Women are an integral part of the NFU

Stewart Wells: Co-operative ethic builds better society