The NFU Youth is a network of young Canadians committed to building a food system that is economically viable for family farms, socially just and locally focused.

The NFU Youth consists not only of young farmers but also their urban counterparts who are concerned with the future of food and agriculture in Canada and around the world. 
The NFU Youth work to promote Food Sovereignty in Canada through their own unique political analysis, educational opportunities and partnerships with other organizations that share similar objectives.
Our programming works to support and encourage new and potential farmers across Canada in order to build a better future for Canadian farm families.
The NFU Youth also organize and participate in activities with the youth of La Via Campesina, a world-wide social movement that unites farm organizations from around the globe.
Any youth, including non-farm youth, 14 to 35 years of age can become a member. Any farm youth, ages 14 to 21, is automatically a member under her or his family's membership. Farm youth from ages 21 through 25 can buy a yearly youth membership for $98, while farm youth from 26 to 35 are required to buy a full membership. Non-farm youth can buy an associate membership for $65 and have all membership privileges except the right to vote or hold elected office.