The National Farmers Union annual 3-day National Convention brings together farmers from all across Canada to discuss and learn about the important agricultural issues of the day. The public is invited to hear the keynote address, delivered by a well-known speaker on Thursday evening. The program includes a series of presentations and panel discussions, elections of national officers, reports from elected officials and caucuses, as well as debate and voting on resolutions which become the NFU's positions on public policy matters. Special meetings of  youth, women and members involved in international cooperation are also included in the Convention agenda. The NFU National Convention is the highlight of the organization’s year, both the culmination of the previous year’s work and the starting point for the coming year.

Everyone is welcome to attend NFU Conventions, whether you are a family farm member, associate member, visitor or media. There is no advance registration - daily or full convention fees are payable at the door.

For details about the most recent Convention see 46th Annual National NFU Convention: "Soil: Our Common Ground"

The NFU's Quick Guide to Conventions is a resource for first-time Convention-goers and a refresher for long-time members.
National Conventions are where the NFU develops its positions on public policy matters. We do this by debating and voting on resolutions. Here is our guide to writing effective resolutions.
Information about past conventions is posted here.


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