Information for Members

Thank you for participating in the NFU’s 51st annual National Convention! Here your “virtual convention kit” with the information you will need or find useful to take part in this most unusual convention!

If you have difficulty joining the Zoom meeting, please contact Joan Lange at the National Office 306-652-9465.

Convention Handbook

Click here for your Convention Handbook in English and French. It includes:

  • Welcome / Bienvenue
  • National President’s Message
  • Women’s President’s Message
  • Youth President Message
  • Convention Agenda/ Agenda de la convention
  • Year in Review/Année passée en revue
  • Guidelines for Positive Behaviour/ Lignes directrices pour une conduite respectueuse
  • Solidarity Forever/ Solidarité mes frères et mes soeurs

Other Convention Information

  1. Detailed Convention Agenda
  2. Steering Committee Report – rules of order specific to our convention
  3. Wednesday November 25
  4. Thursday November 26
  5. Keynote event A Good War: Mobilizing Canada for the Climate Emergency with speaker Seth Klein
  6. Friday November 27
  7. Music: Terry Morrison & Sean Conway
  8. Saturday November 28
  9. Speaker biographies
  10. Virtual book table
  11. IPC Recommended Webinar List


Only delegates are entitled to move, second and vote on resolutions during convention, but everyone is welcome to participate in the debate and discussion. When resolutions are being discussed, each resolution and any amendments to them, will be displayed on your computer screen. Click here for the printable 2020 Convention Resolutions document prepared by the Resolutions Committee .

The resolutions document has two parts: those resolutions that have been passed at a Regional Convention and those resolutions that were submitted by individual members via email prior to the November 21 deadline. The resolutions submitted by individuals must each be “referred” by a two-thirds vote by delegates before they can be debated during convention. There will be no resolutions “from the floor” this year because of the logistics required for the Resolutions Committee to review resolutions online. Resolutions will not necessarily be debated in numerical sequence – the Resolutions Committee will decide the order during convention.

You may find it convenient to print the resolutions document so you can easily refer to it during debate.

How to vote – if you are a credentialed delegate

If you are a credentialed delegate you are entitled to move, second and vote on resolutions, and to vote on the proposed constitutional amendment and in the elections for national officials. Soon after you join the Zoom meeting on your computer or your phone, an NFU staff person will add a D in front of your name on the Zoom participant list to show that you are a delegate. When there is a vote during convention, the Chair will provide instructions and only delegates’ votes will be counted.

NFU Policy book

The current NFU policy book is here . It includes all policy that past NFU conventions have approved. You may find it useful to refer to when considering this year’s resolutions.

Constitutional Amendment

There is one constitutional amendment this year. Click here to see the proposed constitutional amendment. Constitutional amendments cannot be amended during convention, so you will be voting for or against the amendment as written.

Constitution and Bylaws

Click here for the NFU Constitution and Bylaws.

Financial Statements

Because financial statements will be presented in camera (a closed session where only NFU members are present) they will be shown on the screen during the online session. If you are a member and would like a hard copy of the financial statements, you can request them by emailing . Include your name and mailing address in your email.


Please complete the Convention Evaluation  to provide the feedback we need to keep making conventions better. This will particularly useful this year,with the new online format. If you attended one or more pre-convention workshops/webinars please complete a Pre-Convention Webinar Evaluation for each of them as well.



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