Coral Sproule is a first generation farmer and owner of Queen Beet Farm. Coral puts her dedication to food sovereignty into farming, advocacy and education by participating in local food movements, off-farm employment, and regional agricultural food systems projects and discussions. She has served the NFU as an elected official at all levels, including VP Operations and NFU Women’s President. She has been on numerous committees and working groups. As a Convention chairperson she developed democratic process expertise, which she has translated into practical resources for board and membership development.
Coral is applying her passion for seed saving in an Eastern Ontario seed diversity project. While on hiatus from her farm since the birth of her youngest, she works on a mixed organic operation near Perth, Ontario near where she lives with her partner and 2 children. As NFU President, Coral works towards a more just, economically viable, and ecologically harmonious future for farmers where there is a place at the table for the full diversity of Canadian farmers. As farmers share an undying love of the land, she envisions a better future for the soil and those who tend to it.


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