Ed Sagan has lived in Melville since his high school days and has been involved in grain farming since the age of 15 when his dad died. He has been an NFU member since the early 1980s. His family designed one of the first Co-op farms in the area, Sagan Mutual Farms Ltd. They designed a seed plant and did seed cleaning for other farmers, and are registered seed growers. They are also importing grain cleaners from Poland, with exclusive rights to sell the cleaners in Western Canada.

Ed and son Terry also have a bin moving company and have moved over 200 bins to date. In addition to being an NFU Board member, Ed also served on the Melville Credit Union board for 3 terms, the Credit Union Central as a delegate and director for 5 terms. He was a councillor for the City of Melville for 3 terms.

Stories by Ed Sagan