Vision 20/20 Vision - 51st National Convention - 51e Convention Nationale

Your Vision 2020|2020 Vision NFU Convention Registration package includes the Keynote Speaker event, social events and and the pre-convention webinar series. To register for the full convention or keynote event only, please use the form below. We will email you a confirmation message with the links you will need to log in and participate.

The pre-convention webinar series is free and open to the public, but to get log-in information you must register here <link to free webinar form page>.

NOTE: Registration is not yet open. (If you see a registration form on this page, it is only because we are testing a new registration format.)
  • $75 – Members (Farm Family, Farm Unit and Associate Members).
  • $100 – Non-Members.
  • $35 – Youth/Students.
  • $20 – Keynote speaker only
  • Free – Pre-convention webinars
Registration covers all individuals in a household. If you and your spouse and/or children plan to attend, you only need to pay ONE convention registration fee which covers your whole family. If there is more than one voting delegate in the member family, a registration fee will be required for each delegate.

If you have questions about registration, please call (306) 652-9465 or email

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