Vision 20/20 Vision - 51st National Convention - 51e Convention Nationale

Your Vision 2020|2020 Vision NFU Full Convention Registration package includes the keynote speaker, social events and and the pre-convention webinar series. To register for the Full Convention package or for Keynote speaker only, select the appropriate option from the Full Convention registration menu at the right. To just register for the free pre-convention webinar series, please choose the Webinars Only menu. We will email you a confirmation message with the links you will need to log in and participate.

  • $75 – Members (Farm Family, Farm Unit and Associate Members).
  • $100 – Non-Members.
  • $35 – Youth/Students.
  • $20 – Keynote speaker only
  • Free – Pre-convention webinars
Registration covers all individuals in a household. If you and your spouse and/or children plan to attend, you only need to pay ONE convention registration fee which covers your whole family or farm unit. If there is more than one voting delegate in the member farm family or farm unit, a registration fee will be required for each delegate.

If you have questions about registration, please call (306) 652-9465 or email

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