National Farmers Foundation

The National Farmers Foundation's goal is to support projects and initiatives that focus on education and research that will further the aims of the progressive farm movement in Canada. Through its work, the National Farmers Foundation seeks to create and enhance positive rural/urban cooperation.  

The National Farmers Foundation was established as a registered charitable organization in 1987. In 1996, The National Farmers Foundation was granted tax deductible status for all monetary donations made to the organization (Charitable Registration # 882622368RR0001).

Projects supported by the National Farmers Foundation

Over the past five years the National Farmers Foundation has:

  • Helped to fund a number of National Farmers Union Youth workshops and training events across Canada.  We are excited to support the ambitious and determined efforts of the Young Farmer Movement in Canada.
  • Contributed to the Cooper Institute’s project to examine new possibilities for Fair Trade agricultural products in Canada.
  • Provided funding in support of the production of the film documenting the first forty years of the National Farmers Union.
  • Provided funding to the Great Lakes Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) Conference to support a mini-school for new and prospective CSA-Farmers.
  • Contributed toward the “Connecting Canadians to Food Sovereignty Project” co-ordinated by the NFU’s International Program Committee.

How to Donate to the National Farmers Foundation

The National Farmers Foundation is a Canadian Registered Charitable organization (#882622368RR0001), we issue tax receipts for all contributions. The National Farmers Foundation gratefully accepts donations:

By Credit Card on-line at
Monthly donations, and donations in memory of or in honour of someone may also be made on-line through our CanadaHelps page.

By cheque: Please make cheque payable to The National Farmers Foundation and mail to:

National Farmers Foundation
c/o Christina Magill
146F Clinton Street
Toronto, ON M6G 2Y3

Through a Charitable Bequests(instructions in a will leaving either a percentage of one’s estate, or a stated dollar amount, or NFU building shares to the National Farmers Foundation).

A capital reserve fund has been created from donations received from religious groups, labour unions, wills and bequests.  These funds are invested, and the interest earnings are used to help fund foundation operations and projects.  The majority of Foundation funding is received through National Farmers Union member donations and memorial donations. 

The Board of Directors of the National Farmers Foundation wishes to thanks all the individuals who support its ongoing efforts.

How to Apply for Funding

The Foundation’s Board of Directors meets three times during the year to review funding applications:  by teleconference in mid-February and early June, and in person for our Annual General Meeting in the winter, immediately in advance of The National Farmers Union convention.

Applications are received on on-going basis but will only be reviewed at the next scheduled meeting of the board.

To apply please draft a basic proposal that includes the following information:

  • A description of the project for which funding is requested, please include the overall timeframe for the project.
  • Details of how the project fits with the National Farmers Foundation’s goals and mandate.
  • The amount requested and how the requested funds are to be used.
  • Other sources of funding or support for the project.
  • A basic budget for the overall project.
  • Names and contact details of the people responsible for the project.

The Board of Directors will judge the appropriateness of projects presented to it according to criteria established by the Foundation.

Emailed applications are preferred.  Please email a PDF, Word and/or Excell document to

Applications may be submitted by mail to:
National Farmers Foundation
c/o Christina Magill
146F Clinton Street
Toronto, ON M6G 2Y3

Who We Are  

The National Farmers Foundation has a five-person voluntary Board of Directors, which operates at arms-length and independent from the structure and authority of the National Farmers Union.  Directors are in sympathy with the goals, objectives and policies of the National Farmers Union.  Three directors are farmers and two are designated as non-farmers.

The current Board Members are: President - Michelle Melnyk; Secretary-Treasurer- Christina Magill; Directors - Dale Fankhanel and Kalissa Regier