NFU Submission to CGC Consultation on Canadian Wheat Class Modernization
PDF version The National Farmers Union (NFU) welcomes the opportunity to comment on the Canadian Grain Commission’s (CGC) proposed changes to Canadian wheat classes as presented in <strong<span class="nfu nfu-angle-double-right"</span<em<span class="nfu nfu-angle-double-right"</spanCanadian wheat class modernization Consultation document, February 20, 2015</em<span class="nfu nfu-angle-double-right"</span</strong<span class="nfu nfu-angle-double-right"</span . Read more
NFU releases major report on land ownership and farm debt – “Losing Our Grip – 2015 Update”
<strong<span class="nfu nfu-angle-double-right"</span(March 10, 2015, Saskatoon) </strong<span class="nfu nfu-angle-double-right"</span– The National Farmers Union (NFU) has released a major new report, <em<span class="nfu nfu-angle-double-right"</spanLosing Our Grip - 2015 Update</em<span class="nfu nfu-angle-double-right"</span, which revisits and expands upon the information and analysis of corporate farmland buy-up, farm debt and input financing published by the NFU in 2010. The update was undertaken to provide a well-documented assessment of increasing corporate control of farmland and the acceleration of farm debt, now approaching $80 billion. This report will allow farmers, the general public and policy-makers to critically examine the ownership concentration process and the financial mechanisms that facilitate them. The report concludes with a series of policy recommendations to reclaim farmer autonomy and food sovereignty. Read more
Seed companies, not farmers, will gain with Bill C-18 Royal Assent, says NFU
Saskatoon—On Tuesday, February 25, Bill C-18, the Agricultural Growth Act, became law when it received royal assent. The new law, which brings Canada under the UPOV ’91 plant breeders’ rights regime, will come into force by Cabinet order. From now on, seed companies’ exclusive rights to control new varieties of seed have been expanded, they have gained new ways to collect royalty revenue from farmers and a longer, twenty-year royalty collection period (twenty-five years for tree and vine varieties). Read more
Walking Out on the Commons
On Thursday December 18th I was given the honour of representing the NFU at the Ontario Pollinator Health Plan’s Agricultural Stakeholders meeting. Unlike the other scheduled meetings, three in-person and the two online, this one was specifically for farmers and the agricultural industry. Read more
Key Points for Public Consultation on Pollinator Health
On November 25, 2014 the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) and the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change jointly released Pollinator Health: A Proposal for Enhancing Pollinator Health and Reducing the Use of Neonicotinoid Pesticides in Ontario. Comments on the proposal can be submitted up until January 25, 2015. Read more
NFU Submission on Flupyradifurone
November 3, 2014Pesticide Management Regulatory Agency Publications SectionPesticide Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA)Health Canada2720 Riverside DriveOttawa, ONK1A 0K9 Address Locator: 6604-E2 email: To the Pesticide Management Regulatory Agency: <strong<span class="nfu nfu-angle-double-right"</spanRe</strong<span class="nfu nfu-angle-double-right"</span<strong<span class="nfu nfu-angle-double-right"</span:</strong<span class="nfu nfu-angle-double-right"</span<strong<span class="nfu nfu-angle-double-right"</span Proposed Registration Decision PRD2014 – 20, Flupyradifurone</strong<span class="nfu nfu-angle-double-right"</span The National Farmers Union (NFU) welcomes this opportunity to comment on the proposed registration of Flupyradifurone. From the information provided by PMRA in relation to this consultation, we note that Flupyradifurone is similar to the neonicotinoid class of insectici Read more
Environmental Commissioner’s Annual Report Highlights Key Issues for Agricultural Sector says NFU-O
(DENFIELD, ON, October 10, 2014 ) – The NFU-O is delighted that the Annual Report released this week from Gord Miller the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario has a focus on the agricultural sector. “The report highlights key issues that the NFU-O has been working to address for a number of years, and I am pleased that these recommendations are viewed as priorities,” said Karen Eatwell NFU-O President/Region 3 Coordinator.The NFU-O backs the Commissioner’s call to build on and actively promote integrated pest management to discourage the blanket use of broad-scale prophylactic pesticides. Miller has put forth a recommendation that both the Ministry of Agriculture and Food and the Ministry of the Environment undertake monitoring to determine “the prevalence and effects of neonicotinoids in soil, waterways and wild plants.” Read more
Groups Welcome Ontario Environmental Commissioner’s Call for Action on GE Alfalfa
<strong<span class="nfu nfu-angle-double-right"</span(Ottawa, Oct. 9, 2014)</strong<span class="nfu nfu-angle-double-right"</span- The National Farmers Union and the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network welcome a request from the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario (ECO), Gord Miller, for action over pending release of genetically engineered (GE, also called genetically modified or GM) alfalfa.“We’re very pleased that the Commissioner is taking our concerns seriously and encouraging action from the Ontario government,” said Dianne Dowling, one of two Ontario farmers who filed a request last year asking the ECO for an environmental review of GE alfalfa. The provincial Ministry of the Environment denied the request but new comments from the Commissioner encourage the Ontario government to take action. “Now we need concrete action from our provincial government to stop GE alfalfa,” said Dowling. Read more
Submission to CFIA Consultation on a New Regulatory Framework for Federal Food Inspection
<span<span class="nfu nfu-angle-double-right"</span </span<span class="nfu nfu-angle-double-right"</span<span<span class="nfu nfu-angle-double-right"</span </span<span class="nfu nfu-angle-double-right"</span Read more