NFU says farmers bear enormous costs from Ritz’s failure to plan
(March 10, 2014 - Saskatoon, SK) – Although grain movement has been down since the beginning of November, 2013, Minister Ritz and Minister Raitt announced that railways would be required to double the grain volumes currently being shipped just as those companies were ready to gear up anyway. Ian McCreary, former CWB director and National Farmers Union (NFU) member, asked “Why now? Why wait four months to announce concrete actions that could have been taken much earlier?“ The railways will have four weeks to ramp up to ship a combined total of 1,000,000 metric tonnes a week or be penalized up to $100,000 per day for non-compliance. McCreary describes the problems with grain transportation as a big picture issue. Read more
Op Ed – Backlog in Grain is Connected to Backlog in Democracy
by Jan SlompBelieve it or not, there is a relationship between the backlog in prairie grain and the “Fair Elections Act.” Here’s how.As prairie farmers wait anxiously for the backlog in grain transportation to be resolved and for prices that at least cover cost of production, Minister Ritz and friends continue to meet with devotion in the sanctuary of “free-dumb.” Farmers on the prairies can no longer afford these bizarre ideas from Ritz and Co. Read more
Farmers, the Food Chain and Agriculture Policies in Canada in Relation to the Right to Food
<strong<span class="fa-solid fa-angles-right"</spanSubmission of the National Farmers Union of Canada to the Special Rapporteur On The Right To Food, Mr. Olivier De Schutter, Mission </strong<span class="fa-solid fa-angles-right"</span<strong<span class="fa-solid fa-angles-right"</spanto Canada, May 2012*</strong<span class="fa-solid fa-angles-right"</span* Note: to view report complete with graphs, please download the PDF version here.The National Farmers Union (NFU) is a voluntary direct-membership, non-partisan national farm organization. Founded in 1969, and with roots going back more than a century, the NFU represents thousands of farm families from coast to coast. The NFU works toward the development of economic and social policies that will maintain small and medium sized family farms as the primary food-producers in Canada. Read more
NFU Presentation on standards of fusarium blight toxin levels in wheat
As far back as 2003, the has been calling for action on the issue of increasing incidence of fusarium—see attached letter. We are pleased that the Standing Committee on Agriculture Read more
NFU presentation on competitiveness and competition to Commons Agriculture Committee
The solution to the farm income crisis is simple: Canadian federal and provincial legislation, policies, and regulations must cease strengthening the most powerful and profitable in the system and instead Read more
Submission by the National Farmers Union to the Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation (MASC) on the potential liability of farmers due to changes to the Canada Grain Act and the Canadian Grain Commission
In December, 2007, Bill C-39, An Act to Amend the Canada Grain Act, was introduced into the House of Commons. That piece of legislation died on the order paper in Read more