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Take Action: Save Supply Management – Support Bill C-216

Update: On June 14, 2021 the International Trade Committee voted 9-2 to recommend Bill C-216 to Parliament for 3rd Reading. Thanks to everyone who sent a message urging Committee members to support this Bill. It is now one more step closer to becoming law.

Bill C-216 is a Private Member’s Bill that will be voted on in Canada’s Parliament. If it is passed into law, this short, simple bill will make it illegal for future trade agreements to give away any more access to our supply managed markets.

Use the action tool below to send an instant letter to Hon. Mary Ng, Minister of International Trade, with copies to the Opposition parties’ trade critics. You can edit the letter to personalize it – just start typing in the message window to add your own comments. Please send a message to your own Member of Parliament too – click here to find your MP’s name and email address.

Supply management covers Canada’s dairy, chicken, turkey and egg markets. It makes sure that farmers in each province produce enough – but not too much – to supply consumers’ demand. It ensures farmers are paid a price that covers the cost of production for an efficient farm. Processors have predictable costs and a steady supply so they can avoid waste and provide good jobs all across Canada. Imports are controlled by using tariffs to limit how much of each product can come into Canada, preventing other countries from dumping their surplus and causing over-supply, waste, price crashes and instability. Countries that do not have supply management pay millions in subsidies to keep farmers in business. Canada’s supply management system balances supply and demand and operates without taxpayer subsidies. To learn more, visit the NFU’s Supply Management Campaign page.

If passed, Bill C-216 will help keep our supply management system working by stopping negotiators from giving up more of Canada’s supply managed markets in upcoming trade deals.

Save Supply Management – Support Bill C-216

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