Union Farmer Quarterly:

Summer 2019

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Messages from the Editorial Advisory Committee, President Katie Ward, Women’s President Toby Malloy, Youth President Stuart Oke; Regional Coordinators

It’s a blast from the past! In celebration of the NFU’s 50th Anniversary, we are profiling some of the folks who have held national elected positions over the years, including Urban Laughlin – long-time farm activist, a founding member of the NFU, and the only NFU member who can boast to have attended all National Conventions; Wayne Easter, National President 1982-93; and Kalissa Regier, National Board Member 2006-10.


UN launches Decade of Family Farming: La Via Campesina urges focus on agroecology and peasant rightsby Jessie MacInnis, NFU Youth Vice President. Jessie notes that without LVC in spaces like the United Nations, the voices of peasant farmers from across the globe would be sorely missed, while free trade, agribusiness corporations and the technology they control would continue to go unchecked.

CGC, Seed Sovereignty, Canola and National Food Policy on the NFU’s Agenda during visit to Ottawa — by Cam Goff, Vice President Policy. This June, Katie Ward, NFU President; Stewart Wells, NFU VP Operations; and Cam Goff, NFU VP Policy were in Ottawa lobbying politicians on the Canadian Grain Commission, Seed Sovereignty, the canola trade dispute with China, and the National Food Policy.

The USMCA straw will break supply management’s backby Jan Slomp. With the new USMCA coming into effect, who will feed Canadians when climate change brings shocks to production and distribution of food?

Civilization Critical: Energy, Food, Nature, and the Future by Darrin Qualman. Book Review — by Nettie Wiebe.  Nettie concludes that this book is a ‘must read’ written in such a clear, accessible, compelling way that you will want to reread it, mark it up and take it along to coffee row.

A Seed Sovereignty Update: Our work to keep control of seeds continues — by Cam Goff, NFU Vice President Policy. While the Seed Sovereignty issue has been quiet on the public front for several months now, AAFC and the Seed Synergy group have been working desperately in private trying to come up with a spin on this issue that makes it palatable to farmers.

NFU is taking action on glyphosate issues — by Cherry Halcovitch. Cherry explains the background to the NFU’s on‐line petition  demanding that the PMRA vocally and consistently constrain the use of glyphosate for drying down crops.

Getting involved:

NFU Climate Leadership Project – we want to hear about how climate change is affecting you and the way you farm.
NFU 50th Annual Convention details and advance registration info
Beingessner Award – This year’s theme is: Farmers are on the frontline of the climate crisis. At this critical juncture when farmers must consider and employ climate adaptation and mitigation strategies, what does farming in a changing climate look like to you? Deadline for entries: November 1, 2019