Regenerative agriculture, emissions reduction, and climate resilience

Thursday, February 11, 12-3 PM Pacific 

The next NFUniversity Climate Class will take a deep dive into regenerative agriculture!

Regenerative agriculture aims at whole-system productivity and soil health by focusing on building soil organic matter, above- and below-ground biodiversity, integrating animals, optimizing grazing, minimizing tillage, keeping the land green and growing, repairing the water cycle, closing nutrient loops, and minimizing inputs. Join us on February 11th to explore these techniques and practices that can reduce emissions while building on-farm climate resiliency.


Michael Thiele was born and raised in Dauphin, Manitoba on a typical Prairie farm. Wheat and canola dominated the crop rotation with some barley, oats and peas. A small herd of cows grazed the unfarmed acres. Michael’s career trajectory was likely farming, given his active involvement in the family farm and his decision to study Plant Science in the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Manitoba. Rather than returning to the family farm after graduating university, however, Michael began a 30-plus-year journey to understand agriculture and the importance of soil, water, sunlight, plants and animals and the realization that all the parts are interconnected – a concept critical to the long-term success of food production and the health of the biosphere. Over that time Michael has worked with many conservation organizations focused on soil, water and wildlife habitat in the context of Prairie agriculture.  More recently, Michael has worked directly with producers to build regenerative agriculture plans that are designed to rebuild degraded soils and restore farm profitability.

Dr. Kris Nichols is a leader in the movement to regenerate soils for healthy crops, food, people and a planet. She is the Research Director at MyLand Company LLC. She is also the founder and principal scientist of KRIS (Knowledge for Regeneration and Innovation in Soils) Systems Education & Consultation; Research Consultant with Canadian Organic Growers; Soil Microbiology Research Advisor with the Food Water Wellness Foundation; and Research Director with Carbon Sync. She is also working with Dr. Arjun Makhijani, President of the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research, on a project combining Regenerative Agriculture and Renewable Energy (RARE) to reduce the economic risks in transitioning to regenerative agriculture. Kris participates on the Land Use & Agriculture Task Force for the HRH Sustainable Markets Initiative; Advisory Board for the Real Organic Project; Scientific Advisory Board with the Savory Institute’s – Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV) program; and as a Soil Science Advisor with Health First.  Previously, Dr. Nichols was the Chief Scientist at Rodale Institute and a Research (Soil) Microbiologist with the USDA, Agricultural Research Service (ARS).

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