Glenn Wright

Glenn grew up as a city kid in Saskatoon, SK in the 1980s. He caught the farming bug when young because all of his extended family farmed. He wasn’t fortunate enough to inherit a family farm, but determined to live in the country, he and his wife moved to establish their own small farm near Saskatoon in 2004. He has worked as a mechanical engineer for 20 years and more recently switched to practicing law to support his farming habit with off farm income. They now farm about 750 acres near Delisle, SK, growing  cereals, canola, lentils, forage, and working with their neighbors to compliment their livestock operations.

Glenn and his family are environmentalists that have devoted significant effort to reducing their footprint and living sustainably, He says “It has been a learning process as we are certainly the black sheep in our community. We have completed a super-insulation retrofit on our house, installed solar power, we drive an electric car, converted to geothermal heat, suspended our natural gas service, and adopted minimum input farming techniques. Upon conducting a calculated review of all of our initiatives, adopting minimum input farming appears to have had the greatest impact on emissions reduction for our household. I am happy to share and discuss our activities and admit that we have tackled these initiatives in the wrong order. Like most farmers, we learn to do by doing.”

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