Dr. Jenna Hennebry

Dr. Jenna Hennebry (Ph.D.) is an internationally recognized scholar, co-founding Director of the International Migration Research Centre (www.imrc.ca ), and Associate Professor in Wilfrid Laurier’s Communication Studies Department and the Balsillie School of International Affairs.  Her expertise centres on labour migration, with an emphasis on labour migration governance and gender-responsive migration policy, migrant workers’ rights, health, access to decent work and social protection.  Hennebry is a member of the Canadian Council for Refugees Subcommittee on Migrant Workers, the IOM’s Migration Research Leaders’ Syndicate, the UN Expert Working Group on Women’s Human Rights in the Global Compact for Migration, and was recently named to the UN Migration Network’s Thematic Working Group 4 on Bilateral Labour Migration Agreements.  In response to COVID-19, she co-founded the Migrant Worker Health Expert Working Group (migrantworker.ca) that has developed recommendations for the COVID-19 pandemic response for migrant workers, building on her record of empirical research with migrant agricultural workers in Canada for over 15 years, including the largest survey of migrant agricultural workers to date.

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