Cathy Holtslander

Cathy Holtslander is the Director of Research and Policy for the National Farmers Union. In collaboration with NFU members, she analyses and critiques laws, programs and policies relevant to agriculture, farming and rural life. She has been advocating for sustainable and just farm policy since the early 1990s, including as a member of the committee that led a class action suit against Monsanto and Bayer to stop GMO wheat and make them liable for GMO canola contamination of organic farms; on the board of the international non-governmental organization GRAIN, as one of the founders of the Beyond Factory Farming Coalition, and as Executive Director of the Saskatchewan Eco Network. She co-edited Beyond Factory Farming: Corporate Hog Barns and the Threat to Public Health, the Environment, and Rural Communities, and her 1998 Masters thesis was a political biography of Annie Hollis, a leader in the prairie farm organizations that preceded the NFU. Since 2008, she and her partner have operated a certified organic grain farm near Mont Nebo, Saskatchewan.

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