Anastasia Fyk

Anastasia, an NFU member and national board member for Region 5 (Manitoba), grew up on her family farm located on Treaty 2 Territory on the Eastern slopes of Duck Mountain. She is a descendant of Ukrainian settlers who established themselves on this same farm in 1904. Her ancestors grew buckwheat and wheat in Ukraine and she reinforces her connection to them with each year’s crop. In 2019 her family built a buckwheat processing facility so that surrounding communities could savour local crops rather than have them shipped to the other side of the world. As a farmer, she is interested in a shift in conventional agriculture that would actually have a positive environmental impact on the ecosystem; she is determined to leave a positive impact on the planet and the health of its inhabitants. Aside from farming, Anastasia is also an artist, translator, and pilot whose practice focuses on planes, dimensions, and cycles.

Join Anastasia at the Convention session From Vision to Action on Saturday November 28. All webinars, socials and convention events are included in the Full Convention registration.

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