Arzeena Hamir

Arzeena Hamir and her husband Neil own Amara Farm, a 26-acre certified organic farm in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island. The farm grows over 40 different fruits and vegetables and primarily sells through direct markets via their local farmers market and a CSA program. The couple decided early on to invest in alternative energy and installed a geothermal heating system for their home and in 2019 installed a 10KW solar array. On the farm, they have tried to limit tillage with the use of overwintering silage tarps and diversifying into more perennial crops to sequester more carbon. In 2018 Arzeena was elected the Board of the Comox Valley Regional District where she sits as Vice Chair.

Join Arzeena at the Convention session From Vision to Action on Saturday November 28. All webinars, socials and convention events are included in the Full Convention registration.


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