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Farm Labour Affects Us All

Since 1966, seasonal agricultural migrant workers have arrived annually to provide crucial labour on farms across the country. This year, outbreaks of COVID-19 in large Canadian greenhouses, farms, and meat processing plants endangered the health and safety of many migrant workers and led to the tragic deaths of Bonifacio Eugenio Romero, Rogelio Muñoz Santos, and Juan Lopez Chaparro in Southwestern Ontario. The treatment of migrant workers has deeply impacted all farmers, even those of us who do not rely on migrant workers. Migrant workers are denied basic statutory labour rights and are often subject to degrading and unhealthy living conditions while in Canada. That is why the NFU has joined calls for regulatory changes so that migrant workers can change jobs without threat of deportation, have full access to health care and other employee benefits, and be granted permanent residency status. This webinar, organized by the NFU Migrant Worker Subcommittee, brings together an academic (Dr. Jenna Hennebry ), a NFU farmer (Jenn Pfenning), and migrant justice activists (Karen Cocq  and Chris Ramsaroop) who are playing leading roles in advancing migrant workers’ rights and advocating fundamental changes to our temporary foreign worker programs. Join us to hear about their efforts and to learn about how you can support just and fair agricultural labour in Canada.

This webinar on Thursday November 5 at noon Pacific time is free of charge and open to the public, but registration is required. All webinars, socials and convention events are included in the Full Convention registration. To participate in one or more free webinars only, please choose the Webinars Only option.

Simultaneous translation (English/French) will be available

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