Kids’ Activities

Treasures Across the Country!

Discover treasures right in your own backyard. You will be invited to go outside to your backyard to see what cool discoveries that you can find.  Instead of a traditional scavenger hunt where you are told what to find, this is a chance to discover many treasures and bring back stories of your discoveries, maybe even the treasure itself!  We will all return together to gather, share and learn what treasures can be found right in everyone’s backyards across the country!  Be prepared to go outside.  You might want warm layers and any outdoor clothing to feel comfortable outside.

Sit spot and the Art of Noticing

For kids of all ages.  All welcome from ages 6 – 106 years old!  During this experiential workshop, you’ll learn the art of sit spot practice.  The art of sitting helps you to notice and make friends with beings large and small in your backyard!  In this session, you will be invited to go outside into your backyard and experience a sit spot practice.  Some of the potential side effects of sit spot practice are greater feelings of connection, creativity, mental well being, curiosity and so much more. Be prepared to go outside. You might want warm layers, something to sit on, a blanket and anything else to feel comfortable.

All workshops are free and feature unlimited participation.

Senior Conservation Education for Cataraqui Conservation in Kingston, Ontario, Stana Luxford Oddie (in photo above) is accredited by the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides. Stana has decades of experience connecting kids and people of all ages to nature. She can’t wait to work with NFU kids!


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