It’s Not You – Taking Action on Rural Mental Health

The systemic, intentional degradation of the family farm and the hollowing out of rural and remote communities has been a significant driver in creating the grinding stress that agricultural people live with. The NFU has been resisting the corporatization of agriculture for 50 years, partly because we knew this would be one of the results, that our physical/mental health and well -being would be profoundly affected, and that the symptoms would be viewed as individual physical and mental health problems to be “fixed”, not political in nature or origin. In this system, farmers and farm workers are expected to “produce” and not question the underlying causes of strife and dis-ease.

The way we conceptualize “mental health” in the modern world, speaks volumes about the power of individualizing problems as an effective tool in keeping us from coming together and effectively organizing for change. As a mammal species, we are hardwired to connect. Yet, the pressures we face often take us out of connection with each other, ourselves, our communities and the greater human and more than human family, and force us to spend a disproportionate amount of time in the survival states of conservation (freeze) and protection (Flight & Fight). While these states of our autonomic nervous system are essential, they cannot, support connection, safety, creativity or cognitive clarity.

In this presentation led by Toby Malloy, we will discuss and question corporate/political agendas that have brought us to this place, the effects of industrialization on connection, and what changes need to take place to support healing, promote health for all, and cultivate relationships between activism and wellness.

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Simultaneous translation (English/French) will be available.

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