International Program Committee Meeting

Join the International Program Committee of the NFU to hear about the work we’ve done over the past year and to participate in planning for the coming year. The meeting will include international updates on La Via Campesina and the Civil Society Mechanism, and local updates from the Migrant Worker Subcommittee and the Indigenous Solidarity Working Group. We will also elect our chairs for the year, draft emergency resolutions as needed, and determine our focus and collective work going forward. We welcome your input and participation!

Joining the IPC Meeting is free, but you might want to participate in the democratic process as we debate resolutions for NFU policy and action, by joining the Full Convention.  Additional webinars are included in the Full Convention. Or, join the Webinars Only for free.  Register for either here.

The IPC meets from 2-4 pm Pacific / 3-5 Mountain / 4-6 Central / 5-7 Eastern / 6-8 Atlantic.  Wherever you are, join in!

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