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Community Film Screenings Happening Across Canada Depth of Field: Films About Farming

On October 12, 2023 the National Farmers Union (NFU) officially announced the Canadian Featured Farms showcased in the series of 40 short docs “Depth of Field: Films About Farming”.

Today, March 21, we are nearly half way through our releases of farm films with 18 films now live—from all across Canada. You can now watch three films on farms in PEI, one in Nova Scotia, two in New Brunswick, two in Quebec, three in Ontario, one in Manitoba, four in Saskatchewan, one in Alberta and one in British Columbia. Films are released on a weekly basis, covering farm topics like rotational grazing, seed saving, building healthy soils, economic prosperity and working for social justice. You can find a basic breakdown of the farm topics covered in each film here

In addition to the film releases online, the National Farmers Union has supported 26 community film screenings across the country and to date, is looking forward to 13 more. Screenings are taking place in movie theaters, libraries, universities, farmers markets, cultural centers, Seedy Saturdays and more. Many of the farmers featured in the films are attending the screenings to answer questions in person. Find an upcoming screening today.

As farming unrest rises globally, the National Farmers Union’s Depth of Field: Films About Farming community film screenings provide an opportunity to connect with the local community, meet farmers and to understand and dissect the complexities of farming in Canada. Together we discuss what solutions are needed to create a sustainable and just food system for growers and eaters alike. 

“I just above all want people to have an understanding of why. There is always a reason why the food is cheap or often is the cheapest. A lot of what I refer to as the negative externalities of farming are not captured in food pricing. That tomato that is $0.25 cheaper per pound than what is locally grown or organically grown or sustainably grown, from a labour perspective, is that way because of those labour impacts on real people, on often migrant farmers who come here seasonally. We don’t [always] see housing conditions that migrant workers have to live in, which [often times] are not adequate, not spaces of dignity and not spaces of comfort–which I think every person who works so hard deserves”      – Aliyah Fraser, Lucky Bug Farm, Ontario

Find an upcoming community screening event near you and connect with the farmers and farm workers that shape the Canadian Agricultural System today:

Depth of Field: Films About Farming is presented by National Farmers Union and March Forth Creative.

We thank our project partners March Forth Creative, Young Agrarians, Régénération Canada, National Farmers Union-New Brunswick, National Farmers Union-Ontario, Organic Alberta, Sustain Ontario, National Farmers Foundation, Canadian Organic Growers, Farmers’ Markets Ontario, SaskOrganics, Small Scale Meat Producers Association.

We are grateful that funding for this project has been provided by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada through the AgriCommunication Program.



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Explore a complete list of featured farmers: see profiles here or review full contact sheet here.

Use this Press Kit for photos and bios, and more.

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