BIPOC Advisory Committee

The National Farmers Union is a progressive family farm organization concerned about all aspects of life on farms and all members of farm families. Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) farmers are active and equal participants in the National Farmers Union, supporting each other, organizing, formulating and articulating policy and serving as elected officers. To ensure that the voices of BIPOC farmers are clearly heard our constitution provides for BIPOC positions at every level.


The BIPOC Caucus began in 2020 as a working group of racialized farmers from across Canada that organized to bring formal recognition to BIPOC voices within the National Farmers Union. This mission was realized, in part, at the 2021 NFU Annual Convention with the passing of an amendment creating this Caucus.

The creation of the BIPOC Caucus established:

    1. two positions for BIPOC farmers on the NFU Board of Directors, the Caucus President and Vice President;
    2. at least one seat on the National Executive Board of Directors; and
    3. at least one seat on each of the NFU’s eight Regional Boards.


The BIPOC Caucus envisions a future with a well supported network of farmers, growers and eaters who are Black, Indigenous and/or people of colour. The Caucus aims to identify, diminish and ultimately eliminate the barriers preventing racialized farmers from accessing land and growing sustainable farm operations.  We believe that together we can build an equitable food system for everyone.

Priority Areas

  1. Land Access
  2. Community Building & Mentorship
  3. Farmer Health & Wellness


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BIPOC Advisory Committee

BIPOC President

Cheyenne Sundance

Cheyenne Sundance

BIPOC President
  •  Toronto, ON

BIPOC Vice-President

Sunil Puri

Sunil Puri

Vice President
  •  Ancaster, ON

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