Vision 20/20 Vision - 51st National Convention - 51e Convention Nationale

2020 Convention - Speakers

The presenters of the convention’s talks and workshops will be on this page as they are confirmed and introductions have been written.

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Check back here again soon for the full list of presenters.

Martin Entz

Dr. Martin Entz is professor of Cropping Systems and Natural Systems Agriculture at the University of Manitoba where he works on ecological and organic agriculture with specialties in crop diversity, crop- livestock interaction and farmer participatory crop variety development.

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Stana Luxford Oddie

Senior Conservation Education for Cataraqui Conservation in Kingston, Ontario, Stana Luxford Oddie is accredited by the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides. Stana has decades of experience connecting kids and people of all ages to nature. She can’t wait to work with NFU kids!

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