Vision 20/20 Vision - 51st National Convention - 51e Convention Nationale

About Convention 2020

What a year 2020 has been! Throughout, the National Farmers Union has continued to work diligently on behalf of family and cooperative farmers and progressive eaters and thinkers across Canada …

  • calling for measures to support family and cooperative farms
  • fighting for farmers and farmers markets to be recognized as essential services
  • highlighting the importance of localized food systems
  • speaking for the health of all workers in the food system including farmers, migrant workers, inspectors and processors

In addition, the NFU has created a Vision of a post-COVID Food System that we look forward to sharing, enhancing and advancing.

We will delve into all of this and more at our annual National Convention. This year, to keep everyone safe, it will be hosted on-line.

We would like you to be part of it.

Workshops, talks, interactive programming and chances to connect will be offered starting in early November. The key aspects of the Convention including the NFU’s lively elections, debates on resolutions, national and regional reports will be held November 26 – 28.

If you are interested in sponsoring any part of the convention, please click here to explore the many opportunities for promotion, support and connection.

Some aspects of this year’s convention include:

  • talks by respected national voices on agroecology, food sovereignty, agricultural trade issues and social justice
  • online social hours and coffee breaks where people across the country can meet
  • interactive sessions for conversations about resilient farm and food systems.

Check back here again, as new details will be added as they are confirmed.

Convention Sponsors