Union Farmer Quarterly: Winter 2017 -18

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Message from the Editorial Advisory Committee
Message from the President
Message from the Women's President
Message from the NFU Youth
  • Outsiders, Influence Elites and Corrosion of Democracy - Convention Keynote Presentation by Janine Wedel
  • Celebrating Marcella Pedersen – Global Citizen!
  • Renewing Our Relationship to the Land - Convention panel with Danielle Boissoneau, Sally Miller and Christopher Kelly-Bisson
  • NAFTA 2.0: Questions of Power and Democracy - Convention panel with Dr. A. Haroon Akram-Lodhi, Gus Van Harten, and Chris Holman
  • The Beingessner Award for Excellence in Writing - Winning essay by Chris Stevers
  • Report from La Via Campesina's 5th Migrant Rural Worker Encounter - by Jennifer Pfenning
  • Resolutions passed at the NFU's 48th Annual Convention
  • Bursary Recipients Report on Attending Their First Convention
  • National Convention audio recording order form







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