Union Farmer Newsletter - June 2018

In this issue …
NFU trying to shine a light on government funding of Wheat Board privatization
At the 2017 National Convention NFU members voted to ask the Auditor General to audit the federal government money involved in ending the Canadian Wheat Board and transferring its assets to the private company, G3.  Here’s what happened …
Corporate elite appointed to shape future of agriculture in Canada
The National Food Policy for Canada is still a work in progress, yet the federal government has already begun implementing recommendations from the Barton Report. This article looks at who has been appointed to the new Agri-Food Economic Strategy Table and what these people have been asked to do.
Supply Management in the USA?
One of the side-effects of the NAFTA renegotiations is that Canada’s supply management system has gotten a higher profile in American media. This article reports on how some farm groups have reacted.
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