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Centre For Rural Studies and Enrichment -- November 2004 Compare the Share, Phase I was published in 1991 by the Hon. Ralph Ferguson, M.P. and his staff. The study compared producer, processor and consumer prices during the 1980's. In 1998, Mr. Ferguson donated the information from Compare the...


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Agricultural Policy Analysis Center, University of Tennessee -2003 Disastrously low prices are plaguing farmers worldwide. A deliberate shift in American agricultural policy in the 1990s has paved the way for these depressed crop prices with no mechanisms in place to change the situation. Prices...
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Centre For Rural Studies and Enrichment The motivation for the study The Canadian Farm Family at Work: Exploring Gender and Generation arose out of the need to assess the changes that had taken place over the past 20 years in the work of Canadian farm women. However, this new research evolved...


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Action Aid Global food companies have grown too powerful and are undermining the fight against poverty in developing countries. They are draining wealth from rural communities, marginalising small-scale farming, and infringing people’s rights. Urgent action is needed to re-govern agricultural...