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Nov 25, 2014
PDF version Contents: NFU Presentation on Bill C-18 before the House of Commons Agriculture Committee, October 9, 2014 Six Points about CETA CWB to sell itself, in secret and not necessarily to the highest bidder Bill C-18 Petition Campaign Update – October 2014      ...
Oct 10, 2014
PDF Version Contents: Using Farm Debt to Spin Farmers’ Canola into Investors’ Gold Fairness sidelined in new rail regulations Why the Revenue Cap must be kept in place Bill C-18 would expand the neonicotinoid market Partners in Wheat Biotechnology?          
Jun 15, 2014
PDF Version Contents: NEW: Save Our Seeds Video Series Grassroots campaign keeps GM alfalfa at bay for the time being Climate Change Requires Top Priority Policy Response Closure of Cereal Research Centre part of Federal UPOV ‘91 Agenda
Mar 7, 2014
Download the PDF version This is a special edition of the Union Farmer Newsletter – a printed toolkit to support our campaign: A Seed Act for Farmers, Not Corporations – Stop Bill C-18 Contents: Bill C-18, The Agriculture Growth Act - Growth for who? - Op Ed by Jan Slomp Organize a...


Oct 28, 2013
Download PDF version Contents: Serving Two Masters: Implications of Seed Field Crop Inspection Privatization Agroecology: Production with food sovereignty in mind (please note - Agroecology webcast has been rescheduled to 12 - 2 PM ET. A recording of the webcast will be available immediately...
Sep 26, 2013
Download PDF version Roundup Ready Alfalfa Campaign Update NFU says NO to GM Low Lignin Alfalfa            
Jun 11, 2013
Bee Careful! A precautionary approach to neonicitinoids Turning off the lights in Canada The New Cereals Council of Canada – The Best Corporate Lobbying Your Check-off Dollars Can Buy Download PDF
May 1, 2013
Day of Action against GM Alfalfa a Huge Success NFU Submits Feedback on Fracking to Alberta Regulator CETA Tactics Phoney Baloney? Beef and Pork Access Issue Lacks Credibility Download PDF
Mar 14, 2013
The Price of Patented Seed — The Value of Farm-Saved Seed GF2 Strategic Initiatives Fund Accelerates Globalization and Stalls Food Sovereignty Are our pension funds retiring the family farm? Working Hard to Keep the PFRA Community Pastures Public Download PDF


Nov 7, 2012
Union Farmer Newsletter - October 2012 Should Ecological Goods and Services be part of the Ontario Local Food Act? Frying our Bacon: Globalization, Competitiveness and Canadian Hog Policy
Apr 2, 2012
Union Farmer Monthly - April 2012. NFU Farmers tell Australia about Canada’s resistance to GE Wheat UPOV ’91 Plant Breeders Rights regime building blocks are being moved into position Class Action Lawsuit: Fundamental Charter Freedoms versus the “Marketing Freedom Act”...
Jan 15, 2012
  Is Supply Management being groomed for sacrifice on the altar of trade? Grazing Days Farm: Local Grass-Fed Beef in Ottawa Our journey—food, health, culture and community


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