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Commentary - Getting local food into restaurants: NB farmer and restauranteur shares her insights

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(September 29, 2016) - When we started farming six years ago we had already been restauranteurs for seven years.  It all began when we thought we would find a way to feed our growing family of three boys and one girl.  We wanted to know what was in our food and what chemicals were going into our children so we chose to grow according to the Canadian Organic Standards.  We believed it would be the smartest path for providing the best food for our family in the most cost efficient manner.
We started with a small plot and then increased the plot as we used the veggies in our restaurant as well as feeding our family.  The next year we increased the land again so that we could accommodate a local farmers market.  Ultimately, we started farming all our land and t

NFU President meets with EU farm leaders in Brussels, talks dairy crisis and CETA

(September 28, 2016, Courtenay, BC) - On September 19, 2016 Jan Slomp, President of Canada’s National Farmers Union (NFU) met with leaders of the European Milk Board and European Commission officials in Brussels. He was invited there to elaborate on his July 22, 2016 letter to European Union (EU) Dairy Commissioner Phil Hogan where he encouraged Europe to solve its ongoing dairy crisis by adopting a Canadian-style supply management system instead of attempting to use the CETA trade agreement to increase dairy exports to Canada.

Union Farmer Newsletter - September 2016

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  • NFU argues against Health Canada’s proposal to allow ground beef irradiation
  • NFU provides input to Agriculture Ministers Meeting on the next Agriculture Policy Framework
  • NFU Submission to the Canadian Grain Commission regarding its proposal to license producer railway car loading facilities









Union Farmer Quarterly: Fall 2016

Message from the Editorial Advisory Committee
Message from the President
Message from the Women's President
Message from the NFU Youth
Regional Reports
Migrant Farm Workers in Canada: 50 Years Later - by Josie Baker, IPC Coordinator
Energy East - What are the Risks?

Op Ed: A system that leaves producers out by design

Op Ed: A system that leaves producers out by design
by Amanda Wildeman, Executive director, NFU-NB
September 19, 2016
New Brunswick wild blueberry producers have faced one of the hardest seasons in history: strong NB yields, record low prices, closure of buying stations, a new processing plant that was not built to receive berries harvested in small boxes like most producers are currently set up to harvest in, excellent yields in Quebec and surplus from last season has worked itself into a perfect storm that has tensions running high and stress levels through the roof for many involved.

Bayer-Monsanto deal latest in agribusiness merger and acquisition trend

(Saskatoon - Sept. 19, 2016) - Bayer’s September 14 announcement that it will buy Monsanto for $66 billion comes just days after fertilizer companies PotashCorp and Agrium confirmed their $30 billion dollar merger deal. Meanwhile, the Chinese agro-chemical giant, ChemChina is in the process of buying Sygenta for $43 billion. Dupont and Dow expect to complete their $68 billion merger by the end of this year.
“Mergers and acquisitions are not investments in new productive capacity,” said Terry Boehm, Chair of the NFU’s Seed and Trade Committee.

NFU-NB disappointed with government inaction with regards to ongoing wild blueberry crisis

(Wednesday, September 14, 2016) - The National Farmers Union in New Brunswick condemns the Government of New Brunswick’s lack of interest and support of wild blueberry producers in the face of this year’s low prices and market access crisis.  Many government staff, including the Assistant Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries continue to applaud the season saying that it has been successful overall despite some growing pains.
This reaction of indifference is unacceptable and even insulting to many producers on the ground.  Many found themselves without a buyer for their berries, or limited to daily harvesting maximums that meant berries stayed in the field, as well as forced to accept the low prices offered by processors.  Some have said they will not even make enough this year to pay the interest in their loans, others are already looking at selling their lands given the even lower price fo

UNF-NB déçu de l’inaction du gouvernement concernant la crise des bleuets sauvages​ en cours

UNF-NB déçu de l’inaction du gouvernement concernant la crise des bleuets sauvages​ en cours
(Mercredi, le 14 septembre, 2016) L’Union nationale des fermiers au Nouveau-Brunswick condamne le gouvernement du Nouveau-Brunswick pour son manque d’intérêt et de soutien aux producteurs de bleuets sauvages qui font face à des prix trop bas et à une crise d’accès au marché.  Plusieurs membres du personnel du gouvernement, y inclus la sous-ministre adjointe du ministère de l’Agriculture, de l’Aquaculture et des Pêches continuent d’applaudir la saison en proclamant que celle-ci a été en général un succès en dépit de maux de croissance.
Cette réaction d’indifférence est inacceptable et même insultante pour plusieurs producteurs en place.  En effet, plusieurs se sont retrouvés sans acheteurs pour leurs fruits, ou limités par des max

NFU Response to Canada Transportation Act Review Report

National Farmers Union Submission to Transport Canada consultation on
the Future of Transportation in Canada
and the Canada Transportation Act Review Report
September 14, 2016
The National Farmers Union (NFU) would like to thank Minister Garneau and Transport Canada for the opportunity to provide input on the future of transportation in Canada.

Region 8 (BC-Peace River Country) Annual Convention

Thu, 10/06/2016 - 10:00 - 16:30

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