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48th Annual Convention (2017)

November 23 to 25, 2017

We have lost more than a quarter of the farms across Canada and the average farmer age continue to climb. Many farmers are looking for ways to pass on their operations to a new generation of farmers. We have also lost, or are in danger of losing, many of the institutions that were and are vital to rural Canada. Renewal can mean many things but what the NFU will be exploring at this year's convention is how we can reimagine, restore and reinvigorate rural Canada.

The 48th annual National NFU Convention: Farm Renewal

was held November 23 to 25, 2017 at the Holiday Inn Ottawa East, 1199 Joseph Cyr Street, Ottawa, Ontario. (Map


La Via Campesina - new publication calls for massive change in agro-food systems

(Media release: Harare, 16th October 2017)  -- Today, on the International Day of Action for Peoples' Food Sovereignty and against Transnational corporations, La Via Campesina officially launches its new publication "Struggles of La Via Campesina for Agrarian Reform and the Defense of Life, Land and Territories" that argues for a massive change in the current agro-food system, if we have to overcome the food, climate, poverty, financial, economic and democratic crises facing the planet and

Op Ed - Time for Canadian farmers to stand up for our grain grading system!

by Stewart Wells
In 2014, a longtime advocate for grain trade deregulation and a former researcher for the Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association was quoted in the ag press as saying “I don’t remember one serious conversation about market power and the dangers it imposed.”  Apparently that conversation still hasn’t happened for the farmers that are lobbying to open Canadian borders to an influx of U.S.-grown wheat.
The American National Association of Wheat Growers (NAWG) and U.S. Wheat Associates are lobbying the US government to help them export more wheat to Canada. They claim Canada’s grain grading system is a barrier, so they are asking President Trump to put pressure on Canada.

NFU asks Ag Committee to make food sovereignty the foundation of National Food Policy

(October 5, 2017 - Ottawa) – The federal government has mandated the Minister of Agriculture to “develop a food policy that promotes healthy living and safe food by putting more healthy, high-quality food, produced by Canadian ranchers and farmers, on the tables of families across the country.” On Thursday, October 5, National Farmers Union (NFU) Youth President, Ayla Fenton, will speak to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-food, asking them to make food sovereignty the foundation of Canada’s national food policy.
“Food sovereignty is the right of peoples to healthy and culturally appropriate food produced through ecologically sound and sustainable methods, and their right to define their own food and agriculture systems,” explained Fenton, age 27, who works on an organic grain farm near Kingston, ON.
“A food policy for Canada could usher in

Submission on Tax Planning Using Private Corporations

NFU input to Department of Finance Canada public consultation, September 29, 2017
The National Farmers Union (NFU) welcomes the opportunity to provide input to the Department of Finance public consultation on Tax Planning Using Private Corporations.
The NFU is a voluntary direct-membership, non-partisan, national farm organization made up of thousands of farm families from across Canada who produce a wide variety of food products, including grains, livestock, fruits and vegetables. Founded in 1969, the NFU works toward the development of economic and social policies that will maintain the family farm as the primary food-producing unit in Canada.

Open Statement on NAFTA, Environment and Climate

Since the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was signed more than two decades ago, our awareness of climate change has dramatically changed and our window of time for addressing it has shortened. NAFTA and other agreements that are part of the global trade regime have been used to undermine critical actions needed to respond to the climate crisis that help rebuild local economies, regulate corporations and stop damaging extractive projects.
We need a fundamental shift in how we approach trade – one that puts the needs of people and the planet first. 
Canada has signaled its intention to bring climate into NAFTA talks.

Déclaration sur l’ALÉNA, l’environnement et le climat

Depuis la signature de l’Accord de libre-échange nord-américain (ALÉNA), il y a plus de deux décennies, notre prise de conscience des changements climatiques s’est considérablement développée et le temps disponible pour y remédier s’amenuise.

Op Ed - Farmers need more light, less heat, in tax proposal debate

by Jan Slomp, National Farmers Union President
The federal government is proposing changes to the Income Tax Act aimed at collecting revenue from corporations that are using certain measures as loopholes to shelter profits from being taxed at the same rate as other Canadians’ income. 
There is a very heated debate in the farm community about these tax proposals, largely because some organizations and the media in general, have failed to analyze the proposals, omitted key details or have not mentioned that the government is holding public consultations. The actions of very wealthy players who are abusing provisions that were intended to help small business owners have focused attention on tax-dodging practices, resulting in the government’s proposal.

CETA the Wrong Deal for People says National Farmers Union

(September 21, 2017 - Saskatoon) - Major portions of the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) are coming into force today. “This is the wrong trade deal for Canadian and European citizens,” said Terry Boehm, Chair of the National Farmers Union (NFU) Seed and Trade Committee. “It is, however, very good for major corporations that have any sort of relationship to either Canada or Europe.

Union Farmer Quarterly: Fall 2017