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NFU asks CGC Commissioners to uphold farmers’ interests and Canada’s grain quality standards

(Saskatoon, July 31 2018) – On July 27, the National Farmers Union (NFU) wrote a letter to the three Commissioners of the Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) to express serious concerns about a proposal being developed for a new Eastern wheat class that would have no end-use quality requirements and a grading schedule that promotes selling via Identity Preserved (IP) contracts.
After the grain sector rejected a proposal for a new class with no parameters in 2017, the CGC set up a consultation process to review and evaluate the existing eastern wheat class structure before implementing any changes. Both the new proposal and the process involved in developing it have raised concerns serious enough that the NFU has brought them to the attention of the Commissioners.

Indigenous Solidarity Working Group

The Indigenous Solidarity Working Group (ISWG) is a subcommittee of the NFU’s International Program Committee (IPC) that was started in 2015 by NFU members who wanted to extend and deepen the NFU’s understanding of Indigenous food sovereignty and settler colonialism in Canada. We wanted to do this learning so that we can, as an organization, better act in solidarity with Indigenous peoples who are fighting to defend their territories and rights.
The NFU has a long-standing commitment to act in solidarity with Indigenous peoples.

Backgrounder - FAQs about the Wheat Class System

What is the Canadian Grain Commission?
The CGC is the federal government agency that regulates grain handling in Canada and certifies the quality, safety and quantity of export shipments of Canadian grain. It delivers grain quality assurance programs and oversees quantity assurance at export; carries out scientific research to understand all aspects of grain quality and grain safety and to support the grain grading system; and protects the rights of Canadian grain producers when they deliver their grain to licensed grain handling companies and grain dealers.

NFU letter to CGC Commissioners re Eastern wheat class

July 27, 2018
Patti Miller, Doug Chorney and Lonny McKague, Commissioners
Canada Grain Commission
600-303 Main Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 3G8
Dear Commissioners,
RE: Eastern Wheat Class Modernization
The National Farmers Union has been participating in the Eastern Wheat Class Modernization consultation process.

Op-Ed: Supply Management delivers for Canadians – both conventional and organic

The front page story in a recent edition of the Toronto Star claimed to be an investigative report about milk in the grocery stores. While it is an interesting account of different practices of several dairy farmers, it comes to wrong and misleading conclusions that don’t do justice to the realities of conventional and organic milk, and certainly do not warrant top billing in the paper. The article’s conclusions – that consumers are being milked, and that there is no difference between “organic” and “conventional” milk -- are very misleading. 
All milk produced and sold in Canada is of very high quality. Quality standards are among the highest in the world. Conventional, as well as organic farmers, follow strict rules about cow comfort, which drugs and chemicals are allowed, what is the minimum withdrawal time and what procedures to follow when treatments are used.

Region 6 (Saskatchewan) Convention 2018

Wed, 08/01/2018 - 17:15 - Thu, 08/02/2018 - 15:30
Everyone is welcome to attend the annual National Farmers Union Region 6 (Saskatchewan) Convention on August 1 and 2 in Swift Current, SK. We are pleased to have the opportunity to begin our convention with a dinner and public event immediately following the AAFC Organic and Low-Input Agricultural Systems Field Day and Tradeshow
The Convention begins Wednesday, August 1st at Walker Place (2150 Walker Street, Swift Current) with registration at 5:15 PM.

Union Farmer Quarterly: Summer 2018

In this issue …
Messages from the Editorial Advisory Committee, NFU President Coral Sproule, NFU Women's President Katie Ward, NFU Youth President Stuart Oke and Regional Reports.
Introducing julie Enman, Region 8 (BC) representative on the Women's Advisory Committee and announcing two National Office staff retirements. 
Connecting with a Remarkable Array of Farm Organizations
Murray Jowett, Region 5 (Manitoba) youth rep, tells about the many connections with people and ideas he made at the Agroecology Encounter in Florida.
The cows are returning to prison

Union Farmer Newsletter - July 2018

In this issue …
NFU calls for better regulation, disclosure of test plot locations and end to open air GM crop testing following Alberta wheat contamination incident
On June 14 the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) informed the public that some genetically modified (GM) wheat had been found growing on an access road to an oil rig on a farm in Alberta.

NFU calls on CFIA to publish GM wheat test plot sites

(Saskatoon, June 20, 2018) –The recent discovery in southern Alberta of genetically modified wheat plants with Monsanto’s glyphosate resistance trait has renewed concern about the risk of GMO contamination to Canada’s wheat. Japan and Korea have suspended imports of Canadian wheat pending their own investigation of the situation.
The National Farmers Union (NFU) has called for the elimination of open-air testing of genetically modified crops since 2001. The potential impact on farmers’ livelihoods and the Canadian economy that would occur if contamination resulted in permanently closed markets is an unacceptable risk.
“We sincerely hope that the Alberta incident is isolated. How the genetically modified wheat plants ended up in the location where they were found remains a mystery.

Letter - Requesting CFIA to publish location of genetically modified wheat field trials

June 20, 2018
Mr. Paul Glover, President
Canadian Food Inspection Agency
1400 Merivale Road
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0Y9                                                                                                    email: 
Dear Mr.