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Farmer’s organization still waiting for government response after five months

(February 4, 2016 - Fredericton) - After meeting with Minister Horsman in October 2015, the National Farmers Union in NB is still awaiting a response regarding changes to farm vehicle registration in NB.   NB farmers pay the highest farm vehicle registration fees in the Maritimes.  PEI pays only $10 per vehicle/per year and Nova Scotian farmers pay about 30% of what NB farmers have to pay for the same vehicle weight.   When all vehicle registration fees were increased by 7% in September 2015, both general farm organizations came together to request that farm vehicles not only be exempt from this increase but for an overall reduction in fees.
Along with a fee reduction to allow NB farmers to remain competitive with other provinces, the requests included online registration of farm-plated vehicles, a monthly registration option for farm-plated vehicles and the allowance of vehicles other than trucks to be eligible for farm plates i

Organisme de fermiers attend encore une réponse du gouvernement après cinq mois

Organisme de fermiers attend encore une réponse du gouvernement après cinq mois
(4 Fev. 2016 -Fredericton) - Après une rencontre avec le ministre Horsman en octobre 2015, l'Union nationale des fermiers au N.-B. attend encore une réponse concernant les changements à l'immatriculation des véhicules agricoles au Nouveau-Brunswick.
Les fermiers du N.-B. payent les droits d'immatriculation les plus élevés pour véhicules agricoles aux Maritimes. Les fermiers de l'Î-P-É paient seulement 10 $ par véhicule/par année et ceux de la Nouvelle-Écosse paient environ 30 % de ce que les fermiers du N.-B. doivent payer pour un véhicule du même poids.

Democracy, supply management threatened

Op Ed by Jan Slomp (published in the Western Producer, February 4, 2016)

The Trans-Pacific Partnership’s Investor State Dispute Settlement mechanism gives foreign corporations the right to sue our government if they believe their future profits will be reduced as a result of democratically enacted measures. 

While ISDS puts a chill on public interest regulation, the TPP also has more insidious ways of overturning democratic decision-making and imposing a corporate-friendly agenda. One is its attack on our supply management system. 

Supply management is a Canadian innovation that ensures farmers do not need subsidies to stay in business and our population has enough dairy, eggs and poultry. It is built upon three pillars: import controls, cost-of-production pricing to farmers and producer discipline to ensure that enough, but not too much, is produced. 

NFU to be part of climate change solutions in Manitoba

(Deleau, MB, February 1, 2016 ) - The National Farmer Union (NFU) is working with the Manitoba government to develop new ways for the province’s farmers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture, and to reduce the impacts of climate change on our farms. The NFU, along with other organizations and sectors, is participating in a wide-ranging project to address climate change, initiated by the Manitoba Department of Conservation and Water Stewardship and funded by the provincial government through the Climate Change Action Fund.

Sowing Seeds: A European Perspective - European Farmers in SW Ontario

Fri, 02/26/2016 - 13:00 - 15:00
Sowing Seeds: A European Perspective
NFU brings European Farmers to southwestern Ontario on February 26 to discuss seed laws and other farm policies
The Sowing Seeds: A European Perspective tour comes to Perth County on February 26, 2016. German farmer, Claudia Schievelbein and Guy Kastler, from France, will share experiences on seed laws, trade, farm policies and advocacy during an afternoon public meeting at the Brodhagen Community Centre in West Perth. This public meeting is hosted by Perth/Oxford National Farmers Union (NFU's) Local 341.
Claudia Schievelbein is part of a northern German farm family that grows everything from organic potatoes to oilseeds and grains. She is also a journalist with knowledge about German seed laws and the effects of international policies. Guy Kastler has farmed in southern France since 1983.

Sowing Seeds: A European Perspective - European Farmers Tour of Manitoba

Mon, 02/22/2016 (All day) - Wed, 02/24/2016 (All day)

European Farmers Tour Manitoba to share
experiences on Farm Policies, Seed Laws, Trade, and Advocacy

The National Farmers Union - Manitoba (Region 5) is bringing Guy Kastler and Claudia Schievelbein, two farm leaders from Germany and France, to share their experiences with Manitoban farmers, stakeholders and the public.  
Speakers will address topics such as:

System Change Grounded in Food Sovereignty at the 2015 Climate Talks in Paris

Posted by Ayla Fenton on January 24, 2016

Photo credit: Salena Tramel

by Terran Giacomini, NFU Associate Member

I participated in La Vía Campesina’s international delegation to the United Nations climate meeting (COP21) in Paris, France, from December 5 to 12,  2015.  It was evident that social movement activism is helping us move swiftly and peacefully away from fossil capitalism, with its climate crises, and toward a new social order that prioritizes food and energy sovereignty.

The activism in Paris emphasized three key themes:

(1)    social movements are focused on system change and not on ‘green’ capitalist reform;

(2)    the movements are converging and strengthening unity with one another and;

Letter: Public Audit of Canadian Wheat Board’s Assets and their Disposition to G3

PDF version of the letter
January 20, 2016
The Honourable Ralph Goodale
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6
Dear Minister Goodale,
Re:  Public Audit of Canadian Wheat Board’s Assets and their Disposition to G3
The National Farmers Union was pleased to hear that you are looking into what happened to the Canadian Wheat Board and its assets under the previous government, as reported by the Manitoba Cooperator in November 2015.

Coloured Diesel for Food Production Not to Subsidize Road Maintenance says NFU-O

(January 14, 2016, Denfield) The National Farmers Union – Ontario (NFU-O) would like to challenge the statement recently attributed to Dianne Saxe, Ontario’s new Environmental Commissioner (ECO), in which she called for an end to diesel fuel subsidies, including for farm fuel. Coloured diesel for agriculture is priced lower because it is taxed less – not because it is subsidized. The additional fuel tax the ECO would have farmers pay is used for building and maintaining provincial transportation infrastructure. Local roads are already covered by municipal taxes.

NFU-NB Calls on government to uphold independence of Office of the Chief Medical Officer

Fredericton (December 15, 2015) - The National Farmers Union in New Brunswick is calling on the Liberal government for transparency and accountability with regards to the forced leave and termination of the Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Eilish Cleary.

“The provincial government’s consideration of policy options, especially those that may impact human or environmental health, must be based upon sound, transparent science,” says NFU-NB president Ted Wiggans. “The termination of Dr. Cleary raises questions about the independence of the office of the Chief Medical Officer.  It is incumbent upon the government to directly address Dr. Cleary’s termination to insure that the citizens of New Brunswick continue to have confidence in the recommendations of the Chief Medical Officer.”