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NFU in NB applauds focus on New Farmers in New Brunswick Economic Growth Plan

September 6, 2016 - The new NB Economic Growth Plan places new farmers on the list of priority areas to grow New Brunswick’s economy.  The National Farmers Union in NB has been working on and advocating for a comprehensive, interdepartmental effort to create opportunities for new entrants in agriculture in recent years and welcomes this announcement.

OP ED - Churchill Worth Saving

By Dean Harder
Most of us take for granted that the majority of our roads and highways are publicly funded and built at cost in order to serve the overall public good. There is no clamour asking why those roads are not being given away to private companies to let road barons profit from them.  For good reason! If anything, recent events in Northern Manitoba should prove to us that like highways, the fate of crucial rail lines should not be in the hands of private companies.
The Port of Churchill and the Hudson Bay Railway that serves it have real potential to benefit the communities they connect to – if they are publicly owned and managed to serve Canada’s greater public interest. Both are vital infrastructure with important and irreplaceable roles in both our economy and social fabric. Churchill is the Canadian prairies’ only ocean port. It provides an additional route for grain transportation.

NFU-O urges retention of Central Experimental Farm for agriculture

(Sept. 2, 2016 - Ottawa, ON) National Farmers Union-Ontario members recently attended the public consultation hosted by the National Capital Commission and urged the NCC to protect farmland and increase public agricultural research when formulating their report on the best site for the new Civic Campus of the Ottawa Hospital.

“We may only make up 2 percent of Canadians, but farmers feed 100 percent of the population. Taking away valuable research land in light of the government’s focus on climate change mitigation is short-sighted to say the least,” noted Katie Ward, Ottawa-area farmer and NFU-O director. “Fragmenting the farm into smaller chunks would be the start of a slippery slope leading to its eventual destruction and have an absolutely negative effect on drought-tolerant crop research that can help save farmers in eastern Ontario who are suffering through the most severe drought since the 1880s.”

NFU Submission to CGC re Licensing Producer Railway Car Loading Facilities

NFU Submission to the Canadian Grain Commission
regarding proposals to license producer railway car loading facilities, agents, and feed mills
August 31, 2016
The Canadian Grain Commission is seeking input on what licensing requirements should be applicable to agents, producer railway car loading facilities or feed mills, how its regulatory proposal would affect the interests of our members, and whether

NFU expresses condolences to family of Colten Boushie

(August 17, 2016) On behalf of our members, the National Farmers Union wishes to express our profound sadness over the tragic shooting of Colten Boushie and extend our deepest condolences to his family and community. We join them in mourning the loss of their loved one.

As farmers, we condemn the rampant racist remarks that have circulated since the death of Colten Boushie, including  comments made on the "Saskatchewan Farmers" Facebook group.

We also commit ourselves to building relationships of solidarity, mutual respect, and friendship with our Indigenous neighbours, and to honouring our obligations as Treaty people.

An Evening With David Suzuki - Climate, Food and the Future

Sun, 09/18/2016 - 19:30 - 21:30
Please Note: Advance Tickets are now available online or a the Broadway Theatre Box Office, 715 Broadway Avenue, Saskatoon
Sunday September 18th, 2016; Broadway Theatre, Saskatoon 7:30 PM – An evening with David Suzuki - Climate, Food and the Future.

Dr. David Suzuki is an award-winning scientist, environmentalist, and broadcaster.

NFU National Convention

Thu, 11/24/2016 - 09:00 - Sat, 11/26/2016 - 17:00

The 47th annual National NFU Convention: Agriculture in a Changing Climate

will be held November 24 to 26, 2016 at the Hilton Garden Inn Downtown in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.To make room reservations, please call the hotel directly at 306-244-2311 or email your requests to .

For program details see NFU National Convention - Agriculture in a Changing Climate

For more information about the National Farmers Union's national conventions, please visit our Convention Page.


Port of Churchill Latest Casualty due to loss of Single Desk CWB

For immediate release                                                                                                                      July 29, 2016

Letter on EU dairy crisis sent to Ag Commissioner Hogan

Background: On April 1, 2015 the European Union ended its dairy quota system. The new policy was based on the assumption that Europe would export milk to large markets such as Russia and China, as well as obtain increased access to Canada's fine cheese market via the CETA agreement.These markets have not materialized due to political and economic factors. Expanded production capacity was, predictably, met with a price crash. The situation is protracted and severe, to the extent that on July 18, 2016, the EU allocated an additional 500 million Euros (over $720 million CDN) to subsidize farmers who voluntarily reduce milk production. The NFU wrote to the EU's agriculture commission encouraging him to adopt a better solution: a Canadian-style supply management system.


Region 1 Convention - Farming for the Future: Opportunities in a Changing Climate

Wed, 08/10/2016 - 09:30 - 16:15
(le français suit)
NFU Region 1 Convention
Farming for the Future: Opportunities in a Changing Climate

July 11, 2016

Dear NFU Region 1 Members:

We invite you to attend the 2016 Region 1 Annual Convention on Wednesday, August 10, 2016 at the Cornhill Community Hall 1205 Baseline Road, Cornhill, NB.  Registration will begin at 9:30 am.  Come early for coffee and homemade baking!   Convention will begin at 10 am and adjourn at 4:15 pm.  The registration fee is $20 and includes lunch at Cornhill Nursery Café at 2700 Route 890, Cornhill, NB.