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Bayer-Monsanto consolidation – Media backgrounder

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There has been a flurry of “merger and acquisition” (M&A) activity among global agribusiness corporations since 2016.

Union Farmer Newsletter - June 2018

In this issue …
NFU trying to shine a light on government funding of Wheat Board privatization
At the 2017 National Convention NFU members voted to ask the Auditor General to audit the federal government money involved in ending the Canadian Wheat Board and transferring its assets to the private company, G3.  Here’s what happened …
Corporate elite appointed to shape future of agriculture in Canada
The National Food Policy for Canada is still a work in progress, yet the federal government has already begun implementing recommendations from the Barton Report.

Supply Management

Canada's innovative solution

Supply management is a unique Canadian institution that provides stability in five perishable food sectors by controlling the amount produced, preventing shortages, and keeping under-priced imports from being dumped into our market. As a result, Canada does not experience wide fluctuations in supply and prices and our system does not require massive government subsidies that are used by other countries to support farmers’ incomes in these sectors.

Canada’s supply management system applies to dairy, broiler chickens, laying hens, turkeys and hatching eggs across Canada. Each commodity is governed by its own elected provincial marketing board according to provincial legislation and regulations. The diversity among the boards and their autonomy allows for variations in how supply management is implemented within the national framework.

NA groups call for immediate suspension of the accelerated NAFTA talks

North American organizations call for an immediate suspension of the accelerated NAFTA talks until negotiating climate improves

OTTAWA, TORONTO, MEXICO CITY, WASHINGTON - May 7, 2018  - The political and economic climate under which Canada, Mexico and the United States began the NAFTA renegotiations in 2017 has deteriorated drastically in 2018. Organizations from all three countries call on their governments to immediately suspend the NAFTA talks until a proper climate for trade negotiations can be reestablished.
“The NAFTA renegotiations have accelerated recently to a 24/7 pace under the intense pressures from the United States, including its threat to impose hefty tariffs on steel and aluminum from Canada and Mexico starting June 1st.

Growing Alberta’s turkey sector through diversified production for niche markets

The NFU sent the following letter to Alberta Turkey Producers on May 7, 2018:

2nd Letter to Auditor General re public expenditure on CWB privatization

In January 2018 the NFU wrote a letter to the Auditor General of Canada to request a public audit on post-2012 spending related to the Canadian Wheat Board. We recieved a response from him and have followed up with another letter, as follows:
April 25, 2018
Michael Ferguson
Auditor General of Canada
240 Sparks Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0G6
Dear Mr. Ferguson,
Re: Response to NFU request for audit of public expenditures related to post-Dec 2011 Canadian Wheat Board (CWB)
Thank you for your response to our January 31, 2018 letter.

Union Farmer Quarterly: Spring 2018

Message from the Editorial Advisory Committee
Message from the President
Message from the Women's President
National Farmers Union Youth Retreat 2018
Regional Reports
Introducing three NFU members new to the National Board: Shannon Jones, Women's Vice President; Stuart Oke, Youth President; Marta Reczek, Youth Vice President
  • Restoring Resilience, Regenerating the Farm
  • Remembering Andreas Pfenning
  • Cultivating Communities: Three Experiences from the NFU
  • Fostering Conversations with New Canadians with an Interest in Farming
  • Voices from the Field - Terrylynn Brant: Mohawk Mother, Grandmother and Lifelong Farmer
  • The Beingessner Award for Excellence in Writing - Call for 2018 entries
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Union Farmer Newsletter - April 2018

In this issue …
Seed Synergy or Seed Sovereignty?
The anticipation of spring seeding and the joy of harvest is something every farmer experiences. Yet, in January 2018, the seed and agro-chemical companies began promoting a proposal for an extreme make-over of Canada's seed regulatory system.

Op Ed - Canada's beacon to dairy farmers around the world must not be extinguished!

(March 26, 2018) With President Trump’s “America First” rhetoric it looked like NAFTA renegotiations would end in a stalemate, but Canadian give-aways to appease Trump are keeping NAFTA alive. Farmers and consumers must not be complacent regarding the federal government's political commitments to defend supply management against Trump's demands.
Supply Management, a Canadian innovation created in the1960s, regulates the supply of dairy products, chickens, eggs and turkeys. Committed farmers in every region produce the required quantities in exchange for a farm-gate price that reflects the cost of production. Supply Management creates stability in the farming community, eliminates the need for government farm bailouts, allows processors to maximize plant capacity utilization, reduces food miles and prevents waste.

National Farmers Union promotes positive ideas to improve grain handling and transportation for farmers

(March 15, 2018) - The National Farmers Union (NFU) is announcing ideas for positive change in the grain handling and transportation sector that, if enacted, will benefit farmers. 
“We are proposing the establishment of Grain Car Receivers at the West Coast and at Thunder Bay. They would receive Producer Cars at port and direct them to whichever Terminal Elevator had space. The Receiver would have the grain graded by the Canadian Grain Commission at port and then offer the grain to whichever grain company was purchasing that grain.