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Op-Ed: USMCA goes against Canada’s grain

by Cathy Holtslander, Director of Research and Policy, National Farmers Union
The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), proposed to replace NAFTA, covers grain in just four paragraphs of the Agriculture Chapter, but the section has serious implications for Canadian farmers. It would give US-grown wheat a free ride on Canada’s international reputation and ultimately threaten the quality control system that allows prairie farmers to obtain premium prices for our wheat. USMCA gives American interests a voice in consultations about our seed regulatory system, encroaching upon our seed sovereignty.

As if the USMCA dairy concessions were not bad enough …

By Cathy Holtslander, NFU Director of Research and Policy
Canadians are rightly concerned by the new North American trade deal’s concessions on Supply Management. Farmers are also very concerned about its attack on the integrity of Canada’s grain quality control system. Our government's capitulation on these matters was no doubt encouraged by corporate lobbyists who had easy access to our negotiators. It is deeply concerning, though not surprising, that the proposed United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) has at least three chapters that formally entrench corporate influence on government decision-making.

Over 200 Global Food Movement Leaders and Organizations Reject "Gene Drives"

New Report exposes how a controversial genetic forcing technology is targeting the farm
Rome, 16 October 2018 (World Food Day)– Global food movement leaders and organizations representing hundreds of millions of farmers and food workers today set out their clear opposition to “gene drives” – a controversial new genetic forcing technology. Their call for a stop to this technology accompanies a new report, Forcing the Farm, that lifts the lid on how gene drives may harm food and farming systems. 
Gene drives are a genetic engineering tool that aim to force artificial genetic changes through entire populations of animals, insects and plants.

NFU calls on the Canadian government to address food insecurity

October 16, 2018 – Saskatoon, SK: On the occasion of World Food Day, the National Farmers Union (NFU) calls on the Canadian government to take action to address food insecurity both nationally and internationally. World Food Day commemorates the founding in 1945 of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), which holds as one of its key objectives the elimination of hunger and malnutrition worldwide.
Last month, the FAO joined a number of other international organizations to release The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World (SOFI) documenting an increase in world hunger.

World Bank – IMF Guilty of Promoting Land Grabs, Increasing Inequality, says LVC

"Annual meeting in Bali this week is just a sham to cover up their criminal negligence of people's interests," say peasants.
La Via Campesina Press Release:  07 OCTOBER 2018, BALI: At a meeting of La Via Campesina facilitated by Serikat Petani Indonesia (SPI) in Bali, peasant organisations from Asia, Africa, Americas and Europe have unanimously held World Bank and IMF responsible for facilitating large scale land grab, deforestation and ocean grabbing around the world, which has led to inequality, poverty and global hunger.

Mémoire de l’UNF en préparation du budget de 2019

Lisez la transcription de l'exposé de l'UNF à l'audience du Comité des finances

Promouvoir l’intérêt public envers la prospérité des agriculteurs, des collectivités et des générations

L’Union nationale des fermiers (UNF) se félicite de pouvoir participer aux consultations prébudgétaires menées par le Comité des finances pour le budget de 2019. L’UNF est une organisation agricole nationale, bénévole, à adhésion directe et non partisane qui regroupe des milliers de familles d’agriculteurs de partout au Canada; ces familles produisent diverses denrées agricoles, notamment des céréales, du bétail, des fruits et des légumes. L’UNF a été fondée en 1969, mais son histoire remonte à plus d’un siècle.

AEUMC : les producteurs laitiers canadiens font une fois de plus les frais d’un accord commercial selon l’UNF

Le gouvernement du Canada a une fois de plus conclu un accord commercial aux dépens d’un autre secteur essentiel de la gestion de l’offre nationale.

Canadian dairy farmers hit yet again with new trade agreement, says NFU.

The Canadian government again secured a trade deal by sacrificing another vital part of domestic supply management. NAFTA will be replaced with a new trade agreement, now called USMCA, the US Mexico Canada Agreement.
“Since 1969 Supply Management has awarded Canadian dairy and poultry farmers a fair return for producing sufficient quality and quantity without over-production. Ever since Canada engaged in negotiating trade agreements the system has been weakened by allowing more production from elsewhere to enter the Canadian market at prices below the cost of production, an unfair trade practice known as “dumping”,” said dairy farmer Jan Slomp, Vice President Policy for the NFU.
The Canadian government has agreed to end Class 6 and 7 milk pricing in the USMCA deal.

NFU Submission in Advance of the 2019 Budget

PDF Version

Read the transcript of the NFU's presentation to the Finance Committee hearing.

UN Human Rights Council passes a resolution adopting the peasant rights declaration in Geneva

(Geneva, September 28, 2018) --  Seventeen years of long and arduous negotiations later, peasants and other people working in rural areas are only a step away from having a UN Declaration that could defend and protect their rights to land,  seeds, biodiversity, local markets and a lot more.