Non-Renewable Resources and Our Future

Imagine Our Fair Share

"$454 Billion is the value of Norway's sovereign wealth savings fund. The fund is Norway's citizens' fair share of the wealth extracted from their oil and natural gas resources. Imagine Our Fair Share is the real issue in the Australian take-over of the American controlled Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan," says National Farmers Union President Terry Boehm.

News Release - October 26, 2010  "Today the National Farmers Union calls on all citizens of Saskatchewan regardless of political beliefs to hold their present and future governments accountable for our fair share of our non-renewable resources. The environment must be protected and the resources prudently managed for our children and their grandchildren. We have a sacred trust with future generations to share that wealth," said NFU President, Terry Boehm.

Management of Wealth of Non-Renewable Resources Compare Norway's resource wealth management for its citizens, present and future, to Saskatchewan and Alberta

Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc. Ownership History   Financial Ownership History of Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan from its beginning as a Crown Government Corporation to the acquisition bid by BHP Billiton.

"Reflections on Norwegian Permanent Funds" by Professor Ole Gunnar Austvik, Lillehammer University College based on his presentation to a Policy Forum convened by Gordon Foundation in Fort Good Hope, NWT.

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