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Bill 6 Benefits For Farmers Are Far-Reaching

Posted by Ayla Fenton on January 15, 2016

by Toby Malloy, NFU Women's Vice President

Walking Out on the Commons

Posted by Alex Fletcher on January 2, 2015

Photo by Lisa Lundgard
By Nathan Carey.

On Thursday December 18th I was given the honour of representing the NFU at the Ontario Pollinator Health Plan’s Agricultural Stakeholders meeting.  Unlike the other scheduled meetings, three in-person and the two online, this one was specifically for farmers and the agricultural industry.  The Ontario government was seeking specific information about how to implement their strategy to reduce neonicotinoid (NNI) pesticides by 80% in a way that would work for farmers across the province.  What transpired at this meeting has left me feeling angry, disappointed and firmly committed to the values and analysis of the NFU.