NFU Youth - Video Project

The NFU Youth has created the NFU Save our Seeds campaign video series about UPOV '91 and Seed issues in an effort to present the voices and concerns of the NFU and it’s members to a wider audience. As young farmers and associates of the NFU, we see great value and significance in the work that the NFU does. We also see great potential for strengthening and extending this work through the use of multimedia and online communications tools.

As part of this video project and with the generous support of donors we have raised funds and purchased video equipment that is enabling us to continue to advance the goals and values of the NFU through multi-media. This year we are working with young farmers across the country to gather on-farm footage and images that we believe will help us communicate and connect with a wider audience, in particular with young farmers; the future of the NFU and the future of our food system.

Please enjoy these videos and help spread the message by sharing them through social media or email.

If you like what you see and would like to support more of this kind of work or would like to support the NFU’s Save our Seed Campaign, please consider making a donation here  with instructions to direct it to “NFU Youth” or to “Save our Seeds”. 

Special thanks to Dean Harder and Terran Giacomini who have put countless hours into the development and editing of these videos as well as the many transcribers, interviewees, and NFU staff who have helped along the way.