Board of Directors

The National Farmers Union Board of Directors is elected annually. The Presidential officers are elected at the National Convention. The Regional Board members, as well as  Women's Advisory Committee and Youth Advisory Committee members are elected at their respective Regional Conventions. 


Coral Sproule

Perth, ON
Phone:  (613) 706-4369 
Coral Sproule is a first generation farmer and owner of Queen Beet Farm. Coral puts her dedication to food sovereignty into farming, advocacy and education by participating in local food movements, off-farm employment, and regional agricultural food systems projects and discussions. She has served the NFU as an elected official at all levels, including VP Operations and NFU Women’s President. She has been on numerous committees and working groups. As a Convention chairperson she developed democratic process expertise, which she has translated into practical resources for board and membership development.  
Coral is applying her passion for seed saving in an Eastern Ontario seed diversity project. While on hiatus from her farm since the birth of her youngest, she works on a mixed organic operation near Perth, Ontario near where she lives with her partner and 2 children. As NFU President, Coral works towards a more just, economically viable, and ecologically harmonious future for farmers where there is a place at the table for the full diversity of Canadian farmers. As farmers share an undying love of the land, she envisions a better future for the soil and those who tend to it.


Jan Slomp

Courtney, BC
Phone: (250) 898-8223 or cell phone: (403) 704-4364
Jan Slomp and his partner Marian have been dairy farmers since 1979, first in their native Netherlands and from April 1989 until 2015, in Alberta. They recently moved to BC and are setting up a new farm on Vancouver Island.
Jan already knew the importance of grassland before his formal education started. He knew about production potential of well established pastures in the 1980s, but in Canada he discovered how much of a modern dairy cow's nutritional needs could be balanced by the miracle of wealth in managed sun drenched prairie pastures. Approaching that balance allowed the Slomps quality of life and prosperity on a modest size farm.

Marian and Jan have been NFU members since summer of 1989. In 2001 he attended the conference celebrating the 100th anniversary of the prairie farm movement, which started in 1901 with the Territorial Grain Growers Association and continues today with the NFU. Jan counts the lectures presented there, especially the one highlighting the life of Violet McNaughton and the role of prairie women, as the most important education in his life. Marian and Jan are dedicated to the success of the NFU, as they believe it is the farm organization that continues to look with integrity for balance between human ingenuity and the needed social economic and ecological outcomes.a.



Cam Goff

Hanley, SK   S0G 2E0
Phone: (306) 544-2790
Cam started farming after graduating from Kelsey Institute in 1975 with a degree in Renewable Resources. His farm is located near Hanley, just south of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The family operation, run with his brothers and mother, consists of four thousand acres that are cropped with malt barley, canola, durum, spring and winter wheat, oats, flax and peas. In 2008 Cam was elected as a director of the Canadian Wheat Board, and served on that board until its termination in 2011. During that time he also sat on the board of the Western Grains Research Foundation. In 2013, he was elected to the newly formed Saskatchewan Barley Development Commission and served as Chair for its first two years. Cam and his wife Beverly have three grown children.


Katie Ward

Woodlawn, ON
Phone: (613) 797-0601
Katie Ward is a 9th generation family farmer from West Carleton-March, northwest of Ottawa. Along with her husband, Mathieu-Andre Chiasson, she raises sheep, pigs and chickens on pasture while running a small vegetable CSA in partnership with another NFU farmer.




Shannon Jones

River Hebert, NS
Phone: (902) 251-2686
Shannon Jones is a first generation farmer in Nova Scotia where she runs Broadfork Farm with her partner Bryan. Together they make a livelihood by growing and selling organic vegetables, cut flowers, herbs, and seeds. They sell their products directly to their farmers’ market customers and to chefs.
Shannon first became involved with the NFU through the NFU Youth retreats which were incredibly inspirational to her. Other NFU committees that Shannon has been involved with are the Women’s Caucus (as Region 1 Women’s Advisor), International Program Committee, Direct Marketing Committee, Membership Development Committee, and most recently, the Indigenous Solidarity Working Group.
Besides being an active and engaged member of the NFU, she also volunteers on other agricultural boards and committees including Canadian Organic Growers (COG), Organic Federation of Canada (OFC), Atlantic Canadian Organic Regional Network (ACORN), Coalition for Organics in NS (COINS), Cumberland Food Action Network (CFAN), Agrifutures NS/Grow NS, IFOAM North America (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements), and she sits on the Canadian Organic Standards Technical Committee representing ACORN. 


Stuart Oke

Phone: 819-593-0626
Stuart Oke is a first generation farmer who lives and works outside St-Andre-Avellin,Quebec. He runs Rooted Oak farm, a vegetable farm operating on leased land with his partner Nikki. Together they grow and market their vegetables at farmer's markets and through their summer and winter CSA programs in Ottawa and the surrounding area. He has been an NFU member for 4 years and is a strong believer in the power of cooperative and collective action. He has been an active participant in coordinating membership development locally in Ontario as well as working nationally on the revised members handbook. As a young farmer himself he is looking forward to bringing his experience and energy to this position on the board and executive as well as helping to coordinate youth actions nationally.


Marta Reczek

Chilliwack, BC

Marta grew up in Kingston, Ontario and after years of community work became increasingly interested in food security and farming. After finishing up a degree in Geography and Environmental Studies at Queen's University, she moved on from working at a local non-profit called Sustainable Kingston to working on organic vegetable farms in Lansdowne and Battersea. Meanwhile, she attended her first NFU convention 3 years ago and a youth retreat soon after. This has led to her involvement with the IPC and Membership Development Committee, and a growing commitment to strengthen the presence of young and aspiring farmers within the organization. Recently having moved to British Columbia, she is excited to create new connections and take on the work of Region 8.  


Reg Phelan

Region 1 (Atlantic - PEI) 
Byrne Road, PEI
Phone: (902) 961-2428

Reg Phelan is an organic farmer growing vegetables (more than 20 varieties) wheat (spelt flour), cattle (Belted Galloway), and blueberries. He and wife, Stella Shepard, live in a 150 year-old farmhouse built by great grandparents, located on Byrne Road, PEI.  He and Stella have been involved in international exchanges mostly with the Caribbean. They have worked on cooperative marketing, Fair Trade, and land issues. Reg has written a thesis on land issues on PEI, Islanders and the Land.



Phillipe Gervais

Region 1 (Atlantic - New Brunswick) - Regional Coordinator
Moncton, NB
Phone: (506) 871-2902

Emery Huszka

Region 3 (Ontario) - Regional Coordinator
Florence, ON
Phone: (226) 373-6244

Emery and his family own and operate a simple conventional cash crop farm along with a seed dealership and a fertilizer dealership located between Florence and Bothwell Ontario. In the past, their family has farmed tobacco and raised up to 50 cow-calf at any time.  Emery have fifteen years of industrial supervision experience, served 7 years as a Dawn-Euphemia Municipal Councillor, was a Board member for Bluewater Recycling Association , and is presently the Board Audit Chair for Nexus Community Credit Union Ltd., He is a co-owner of an Affordable Housing complex  and a long time member of several local community service clubs.  He is a graduate of King’s College (BA, University of Western Ontario) with an Industrial Management Certificate from Fanshawe College. 

Tony Straathof

Region 3 (Ontario)
Westmeath, ON
Phone: (613) 587-4343

Tony and his wife Colleen have farmed in Eastern Ontario’s Whitewater Region for over 25 years. Their five children are involved in the multi-enterprise operation, which focuses on crops, livestock, forestry, and custom work and includes a purebred dairy herd, veal calves and seasonal maple syrup. They practice land stewardship through rotational cropping and environmental awareness. Tony chose to join the NFU for its grassroots democracy and support of family farms, and became more involved during the drought of 2012. Tony and Colleen strongly advocate for post-secondary education in agriculture for a successful farm. They are very optimistic for the future of agriculture and the opportunities available for the next generation.

Ayla Fenton

Region 3 (Ontario)
Kingston, ON 
Phone: (613) 539-3341

Ayla has spent the past several years working on organic farms near her hometown of Kingston, ON and is now working on another NFU member's mixed organic dairy and vegetable farm. Before she started farming, Ayla studied biology at Queen's University and food security at Ryerson University. Ayla has been involved with the NFU since 2013, when members of her Local brought her along to the NFU's National Convention in Ottawa. Since then, she has been working with the NFU Youth to advocate for new and young farmers, and has represented the NFU at several international events through La Via Campesina. Ayla is also locally involved in organizing farmer training and community-building opportunities for ecological producers.

Ian Robson

Region 5 (Manitoba) - Regional Coordinator
General Delivery, Deleau, MB R0M 0L0
Phone: (204) 858-2479

Ian Robson has been a member of the NFU since finishing Agriculture Diploma at University in 1977. He is currently Region 5 Coordinator. He farms with his wife Lois and two daughters at Deleau Manitoba. They raise wheat, canola, and Polled Hereford cattle.

Ian is very concerned about the economic plight of farmers because the ability of small scale farmer to earn a living is vastly reduced in these times.  He learned farming skills from his family who homesteaded in this area and made good use of the resources at hand. The ability of the farmers to work together, to cooperate, and find economic services that benefit the local farmers is demonstrated to be successful.  We need to increase – not reduce -  the number of farmers upon the land. This is the big reason that he belongs to the National Farmers Union: because neighbours make a local economy. The democratic decisions that a community makes help to enlighten and enliven and build up the standard of living.

Dean Harder - 

Region 5 (Manitoba) - Acting Vice President (Membership Development)
Winnipeg, MB
Phone: (204) 797-6388

Dean farms with his family on their grain and oilseeds farm near Lowe Farm, MB just 80 kms south of Winnipeg. His family has a long history in the farm movement, supporting cooperatives, community events and organizations like the NFU that aim to benefit rural communities and a better future for farming through a well-thought-out mixed economy.  Dean has knowledge in new media, branding, economics and communications with a degree from the University of Winnipeg. Off-farm Dean is an actor and theatre instructor.  Dean is also an elected director on the Manitoba Wheat and Barley Growers Association.

Rachelle Ternier

Region 6 (Saskatchewan)
Cochin, SK
Phone: (306) 231-3601

Rachelle is incredibly passionate about seeds and the amazing life they contain! She is taking over the family seed collection, operating as Prairie Garden Seeds, from her father Jim, and is in the process of moving it all back to the small farm where she grew up, on Murray Lake north of North Battleford. Their seed collection consists of about 500 cultivars of various plants from flowers to vegetables to grains and more. She strongly encourages everyone to nurture even one small plant for food, save some seeds, and enjoy the wonders of locally grown food. She is inspired by all the work being done to build local food systems. In 2015, as a Prairie Garden Seeds vendor, she attended 13 Seedy Saturdays/Sundays on the prairies (AB, SK, & MB). Rachelle’s grandfather was one of the founding members of the NFU back in 1969. When she  became involved with the NFU in 2013 she found a new home in the wonderful relationships developed at the National Conventions.         

Ed Sagan

Region 6 (Saskatchewan)
Melville, SK
Phone: (306) 728-3760

Ed Sagan has lived in Melville since his high school days and has been involved in grain farming since the age of 15 when his dad died. He has been an NFU member since the early 1980s. His family designed one of the first Co-op farms in the area, Sagan Mutual Farms Ltd.  They designed a seed plant and did seed cleaning for other farmers, and are registered seed growers.  They are also importing grain cleaners from Poland, with exclusive rights to sell the cleaners in Western Canada. Ed and son Terry also have a bin moving company, and have moved over 200 bins to date.  In addition to being an NFU Board members, Ed also served on the Melville Credit Union board for 3 terms, the Credit Union Central as a delegate and director for 5 terms and was a councillor for the City of Melville for 3 terms.      

Boyd Dyck   

Region 6 (Saskatchewan) - Regional Coordinator
Lucky Lake, SK
Phone: (306) 858-7789
Boyd Dyck was born and raised in the Lucky Lake, SK area and has been farming since 1982. As a crop producer, he rotates growing wheat, durum, lentils, peas, canola and flax. He was active in the NFU youth in the 1980s, in his local in the 1990s, and in the early 2000s he was on the Board. He took part in NFU Ag Exchanges in 1985 (Ontario), 1986 (Caribbean), and to other exchanges in 1999 (Zimbabwe) and 2004 (Cuba). Boyd has been involved with the Lucky Lake Kinsmen and currently volunteers for the Lucky Lake and District Fire Department. He’s proud of his solar panel array he put up in 2011, which is a 10kW system. As a Small Power Producer he generates more power than the farm uses, and on average SaskPower pays him for 30 percent of the power he generates each year. Boyd and his wife Melanie live just outside Lucky Lake and have a blended family of 4 grown children.

Glenn Norman

Region 7 (Alberta) 
Red Deer County, AB
Phone: (403) 227-2253

Glenn and his wife Patricia farm east of Bowden, Alberta where they raise cattle and produce and market forage. In the early 1980s, they focused  on a cow/calf herd, 500 to 1000-head feedlot and cereals and canola production.  As the feedlot became less profitable due to corporate control of the cattle sector, he ended the feedlot to focus on cows and high quality, high protein Hard Red Spring Wheat. That ended with the dismantling of the Canadian Wheat Board. Left with the cows and land, he realized he needed to do things differently. To avoid being the target of corporate interests, he now direct-markets quality hay and farm-raised healthy beef.

Glenn believes the best model of food production has the family farm at its heart. To maintain this, we need healthy rural communities.  We need to refocus governments’ views away from the pro-corporate, profit agenda and towards a pro-producer one. Glenn brings his experience in dealing with governments about surface and property rights, rural electrification, marketing co-ops, urbanization of rural communities to the NFU Board along with his knowledge of agricultural issues and a true desire for social justice.

Doug Scott

Region 7 (Alberta) - Regional Coordinator
Waskatenau, AB T0A 3P0
Phone: (780) 650-1336

Doug Scott’s family farm is located about 100 km north-east of Edmonton near the small town of Waskatenau. Waskatenau, which means where the waters meet in Cree, is located on the north side of the North Saskatchewan River.  Doug’s great-grandfather homesteaded there in 1908 so the crop the Scott’s seeded this year was their 105th.   Their farm is a grain farm and they seed about 3000 acres each year. They grow several varieties of wheat, barley, canola, peas and oats. 

Doug first joined the NFU in 1992, let his membership lapse for a few years, and then rejoined in 2002 after realizing that the NFU was the only farm organization that consistently and truthfully spoke up for the rights of Canadian farmers and their families.  Our grassroots policy development and our lack of subservience to corporate agriculture is what sets us apart from other farm groups.  It allows us to take stands on issues that place the interests of family farms first and foremost. Doug has been an Alberta director for several years and is currently a member of our National Executive. Doug is married to Lillian and has two daughters who are both school teachers.

Peter Eggers

Region 7 (Alberta) 
La Glace, AB
Phone: (780) 568-3805

Peter Eggers grew up in Northern Germany, in the Province of Schleswig Holstein on a farm. He apprenticed agriculture and completed agricultural college in Germany. Peter first came to Canada on an agricultural exchange program in 1979, immigrated to Canada 1980 and started farming on his own in 1982. Peter married his wife, Levke in 1983 and they now have three grown children and continue to farm near La Glace, AB.

Peter began farming conventionally straight grain and oilseed and in the 1990’s he switched to zero-till. After taking a Holistic Management course in the winter 1995/1996 he began introducing long-term sustainable farming strategies, including plant grazing with cattle and sheep. Taking this course and learning more, he started an intensive program of mineral-balancing the soils, which is an ongoing process. By implementing these long-term solutions on the farm it enabled him to convert the family farm to certified organic status in 2007. The farm currently produces organic beef, lamb, grass seed, alfalfa seed, wheat and peas.

Seann Dory

Region 8 (BC)  - Regional Coordinator
Parksville, BC
Phone: (778) 882-5221

Seann Dory farms on Vancouver Island at Salt & Harrow Farm. Before starting Salt & Harrow, Seann was the co-director and founder of Sole Food Street Farms, a social enterprise that provides jobs and agricultural training for people in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. Seann is a founding member of the Young Agrarians, an initiative to recruit, promote and support young farmers in Canada. Seann speaks regularly at events including the Young Farmers Conference at Stone Barnes and the EAT! Festival. Seann is a member of the steering committee for the National New Farmers Coalition, working on farm policy to reduce barriers for new farmers entering agriculture.


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